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Union Baptist Cemetery contributed by


It is just west of the Claremont road on the north side of US 50. There is a little cemetery on the southside of US 50 just east of the road that you turn on to go straight back to a house. The Cemetery is behind their garage in a wooded area. The stones are not visible from the highway.
 My ggg grandparents are buried there.

Union Baptist Church was organized November 7, 1827, at the home of Brother Richard Gardner, having previously met as an arm of Antioch Church. The charter members were as follows, viz., Richard Gardner, Polly Marshall, Mason Marshall, Sarah Morehouse, Lewis Cheek, Mary Bullard, Briant Bullard, Elizabeth Cheek, Elizabeth Blanchard, Thaddeus Morehouse, Elizabeth Bullard, Benjamin Coats, Elizabeth Blanch, John Nelson, Cyntha Chauncy, Benjamin Bogard, Lois Bullard, John Bullard, Sarah Bunch, William Cheek, Martha Gardner, Elijah Gibbs, and Nancy Blackmon. The presbytery was composed of Elders Daniel Parker, William Martin, and Elias Roberts, and other Brethren, Coles Beasley, Asa Hammon, William Herron, Lot Sams, and Thomas Carney.

A hewn log meeting house with dimensions of 24 by 30 feet was built in 1832 on one acre of land owned by Brother Richard Gardner. In 1848 a committee was appointed to fix the meeting house, including finishing said house if they can get sufficient funds.

Pastors included Elders William Martin, Richard Gardner, Benjamin Coats, and William Trainer.

It is on private property. The property is owned by Tim Kocher and his house is about 100 feet from the cemetery.

Levina Blanchard died May 05, 1881
Alpha Brinkley died January 24, 1845
David Brinkley died January 17, 1886
Elizabeth Brinkley died August 20, 1901
Flora C. Brinkley died September 26, 1864
Flora D. Brinkley died August 12, 1873
James S. Brinkley died September 12, 1864
John Brinkley died September 01, 1874
Margaret Brinkley died September 18, 1870
Samuel Brinkley died February 11, 1866
Sarah E. Brinkley died September 17, 1864
Thompson F. Chaplin Born April 18, 1853 died April 23, 1855
David Gardner died October 26, 1842
Eliza Gardner died December 16, 1851
Frances Gardner born Dec 23, 1795 died Oct 10, 1855
Henry C. Gardner born Sept 7, 1852 died Dec 7, 1854
Isaac Gardner died July 12, 1864
Jessy Gardner b March 3, 1833 died July 12, 1864
Josiah Gardner born Sept 30, 1829---Sept 9, 1833
Martha Jan 20, 1786-Dec 12, 1851
Nancy Gardner born Jan 15, 1811--Feb 22, 1845
Richard Gardner born May 15, 1786---Oct 26, 1872
Richard S. T. Gardner July 16, 1852--Oct 28, 1854
Stephen Gardner died June 21, 1854
Thomas Gardner died June 29, 1864
John Gedes died Mar 03, 1849
George Washington Heap born Sept 10, 1771 died Jan 6, 1854
Annie E. Miller died Feb 25, 1886
Loulie A. Miller died Dec 31, 1871
Minnie Agnes Miller died Apr 26, 1876
Charles W. Milone died Sept 21, 1864
Hannah R. Milone died Mar 31, 1845
Jemima Murray died July 22, ???
Maria J. Pope died Aug 03, 1861
Mary E. Pope died Dec 12, 1847
Sibble Pope died Jan 12, 1878
Thomas K. Pope died Dec 27, 1847
William Pope died Nov 22, 1862
William J. Pope died Sept 14, 1845
Eliza J. Richardson died July 26, 1866
Owen Totten died April 03, 1864
Jesse Wilson died Aug 31, 1843
Jesse Wilson died May 11, 1848
Rebecca J. Wilson died Oct 06, 1851

I did not type out all the information contained in the listings Jim sent to me. Just the pertinent or main info on death or if there was a birth. I think you could copy them to your computer and then print them off to get the rest of the information that was gathered here. thanks so much Jim and hopefully someone will try and to do something to save this cemetery from extintion.
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