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Walker Cemetery, Canoe Creek Twp., RockIsland County, IL

Walker (or Canoe Creek) Cemetery

Canoe Creek Township, Rock Island County, Illinois

This abandoned cemetery is located in Canoe Creek Township, Rock Island County, IL on a farm occupied by Paul G. Lind, 296111 Rt. 2 N, Hillsdale, IL. Many of the stones are broken off base and some are buried in the earth and could not be read. The following information was copied 26 October 1982 by James R. and N. Lucille Saddorie Sampson. Cemetery listings transcribed by J. L. Jones & made possible here by Andy Townsend. do not know if this is complete listing or not. thanks.

Trowbridge Mon. broken off base. West side Mary/Wife of /G.D. Trowbridge/ Died/ Nov. 4, 1856/ Aged 33 Y. 3 M. 14 Da.
Abott North side. Elizabeth/Died Oct. 4, 1833/ aged 8 Ms. & 22dys/ M. C./ Died Aug. 27, 1834/Aged 7 yrs. 3 Ms & 14Dys/ Martha A./ wife of/A. Abott/ Died Oct. 4, 1836(?)/ Aged 26 yrs. 11 Ms. & 12 days. East side. Sarah A. /Died Oct. 29, 1839/Aged 13 Yrs.2Ms. & 3 dys./ America /Died April 16, 1843/Aged 1 Yr. 8 Ms. & 11 Dys./M. H./ Died April 12, 1848 Aged 1 Yr. 11 Ms. & 28 Dys/ Infants/ Died May 3. 1844/ & Dec. 2, 1831(?)
Martin South side. Joseph Martin/Died/Oct. 31, 1875/ Aged 71 Yrs. 4 Ms. & 10 Dys./Sallie/wife of /J. Martin/Died/Aug. 21, 1857/Aged 54 Yrs. 9 Ms. & 10 Dys.
Sargent Mon. Old Willow Design. In Memory /of Clara W /Daughter of Samuel & Mary/ Sargent/Died/ Sept.__, 1838/Aged 9 Mos.
Walker Mon. base. Walker.
Beardsley Mon. flat. Sheaf wheat. Beverly Beardsley/ Fully Ripe/ Died Aug. 21, 1853/Aged 40 Yrs./3 Mos. & 1 Day.
Beardsley Mon. flat. Broken off base. Martha /Wife/B. Beardsley/Died /Aug. 11, 1841.
Walker Hdst., small. Mother. Hdst., small. Baby. Mon. broken off base. Holy Bible on top/ Francis M. Walker/ Sept. 22, 1850-Feb 7, 1932/ Susan Jane/His Wife/ Mar. 24, 1856-Nov. 17, 1911/ Know That My Redeemer Lives.
Walker (Pioneer Settler). John Walker/Born/April 29, 1779/Died/April 6, 1856. Hdst., small. M. W. /husband Mon. off base, large. George W. Walker/Oct. 18, 1833-July 31, 1912/ Isabel L. His Wife/ June 29, 1850-Dec. 23, 1931/ Walker Hdst., Small. Wife.
Walker Hdst. Brother/ Elmer E. Walker/ 1869-1916 Hdst. Mother
Walker Mon. off base. Large. James B. Walker/Sept. 20, 1838-Dec. 24, 1916/ Mary E. His Wife/April 29, 1841-Oct. 29, 1910. Mon., flat. R. W.
Walker Mon. base. Hiram Walker/born/July 7, 1806/Died Dec. 19, 1890/A Sinner saved by grace/Mary Walker/Born April 13,1821/Died Mar. 5, 1904.
Martin Mon. tipped over. Milden W. /son of /J.W. & R. Martin/Born July 19, 1856/Died Sept. 24, 1856/Ere sin ....had....the breast/Jesus took his to rest.
Sheppard Mon. off base. Rachel A./Dau of/N. & L. E. Sheppard/Died/Aug 6. 1856/ aged (couldn't read) ftst. B. A. S.

North section of cemetery plot:
ftst. F. J. T.
Tebben Mon. broken. Farewell/Peter J. Tebben/Died/Apr. 18, 1871/ In the 65th year/ of his age.
Tebben Mon. flat 3 or 4 letters not readable. Tebben/A member of /Co. A 53 Regt. Ill. Inf./ Died Feb 17, 1871/ Aged (not readable)
Kauffman Mon. base. J. H. Kauffman/Rock Island, Ill. (probably Monument company) ftst. L. T.
Tebben Mon., flat. Henrietta/Dau. of/F.E. & M. G. Tebben/Died/Nov. 3, 1857/ Aged 3 Ys. & 12 Ds.
Tebben Mon. broken in two parts. Lodi/Dau of P. E. & M. G. Tebben/Died/ May 30, 1867/ Aged / 19 Yrs. 10 Ms. 20 Ds.
Looker Mon. flat. Rebecca J./Dau of/Rev J. K. M. & S. E./Looker/Died/ April 26, 1856/ Aged 6 Yrs. 7 Ms./& 25 Ds. /I take these little lambs said he/ And lay them in my breast/ Protection they shall find in me/ In me be ever blest.
Curtis Col. Mon. Broken. First side. Peter Curtis/Died/May 25/ 1858/ Aged 16 yrs. 7 Mos. Second side. Our parents/Clasped hands.
Martin Third side. Martha A./ Wife of /Joseph Martin/Died /Apl. 2, 1873/ Aged/ 53 Ys. 7 ms. 9 Ds.


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