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created February 06, 2007

Need contributions here on this Old Abandoned Cemetery, would like information on the people buried here. Am going to try and get a license for it from the Controller's Office. Thanks any and all assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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This cemetery was on the verge of becoming a Truckstop!

Foxie, there is a small private cemetery, Trumbo Cemetery, in Woodside Township, here in Springfield (off Toronto Road between Canadian Cross and 2nd Street) on private property owned by Dick and Dorothy Roesch. I called the Genealogy Society and found they inventoried this cemetery back in the early '80's.  Anyway a developer, Doug Kent, is proposing to place a Pilot Truck Stop in this area that will include the property this cemetery is on.  A group of concerned citizens in this community are very much opposed to the truck stop and now that we know this cemetery exists, we want it protected

Is the Historical Preservation Society aware of this cemetery?  Can you tell me if it has been recorded/registered with the Comptroller's Office.  How can concerned citizens go about reporting a small cemetery?  If it isn't recorded, what agency has the responsibility to investigate and record the existence of the cemetery?  How do we find next of kin, if any exist, as there is a tall concrete fence all the way around this cemetery?  I just couldn't see any names, dates, or anything.   This cemetery is very overgrown with trees, vines, weeds, etc.  I have attached the picture I took with an upright tombstone and one with stones knocked over..
I have reached out to the Comptroller's Office and they referred me to the Human Skeletal Remains Protection Act as well as the Cemetery Protection Act.  Those Acts don't exactly answer my questions.  Any help you can give me will be most appreciated. 

 there is a tall concrete fence all the way around this cemetery?  I just couldn't see any names, dates, or anything.   This cemetery is very overgrown with trees, vines, weeds, etc.  I have attached the picture I took with an upright tombstone and one with stones knocked over..

there is a very high concrete wall around the whole thing (it is so overgrown I can't see if there is a place to enter through this wall).  Anyway, I found a pile of old wood stacked up against the wall on the west side and that is how I was able to get the pictures inside the cemetery that I did.  Of course being on the back side of the one tombstone standing, I wasn't able to zoom in to get a name, date or anything else.  I couldn't even see any tombstones from the east and the wall was much to high from the north or south of see into the cemetery.  I am terrified of snakes and I just didn't see anyway back out if I had gone over the wall (plus I was back there by myself). Foxie says, " Don't blame you one bit!!!"

Connie Lewis
I didn't tell you I found a relative of the Trumbo family in California.  I was so pleased Smiley emoticon.  Lynn Sandoval is the lady I found.  She wrote me back and told me the following story -- My late mother in-law was Mabel Fitzpatrick born in 1912. She married Martin Silva.  I was married to their son and only child but a few short months before he was killed in a car accident.  I was quite young and pregnant at the time and we had one son. ( I am now quite happily remarried today with other children.)  As a genealogist, one of my many focuses has been on Mabel's father and siblings, their spouses, and families.  Mabel's father was James Fitzpatrick and his brother was George Fitzpatrick who married Lelia Trumbo.  She was the daughter of Andrew Trumbo whose father was Adam Trumbo.  Anyway,  I just do it for fun and as a tribute to my late husband's family who is now all deceased except for my son James.


February 6, 2007


Thank you for your nice note and all that you are doing to preserve what is left of this tiny cemetery. 

I have been meaning to write to let you know, as it looks right now, the cemetery isn't going to be involved in anyway with the developer's property.  We believe the people that own the property where the cemetery lies, backed out on selling the six acres the developer wanted.  We, our grass roots TRUCK group, won the Planning and Zoning Board over 7-2.  Now the petition has to go before the City Council and we also have their votes.  We have the developer beat at his own game.  He and his attorney made that statement to us in a letter. In August we "TRUCK" offered the developer HUCK'S as an alternative to Pilot for a gas and go service station without any trucks, but he frankly said no, he was talking with Pilot.  Well, now that we have him beat with Pilot, he has decided he will talk with HUCK'S.  We go back to City Council February 20th.  I'm real anxious to see what happens at that meeting.  Our group meets quite regularly just to keep up with all the back door meetings that go on with this type of thing.
Let me know when time gets closer for your coming to Springfield.  I would love to show you that cemetery.  I believe the concrete wall around it has saved it all these years from the farmers' chemicals, etc.  Hopefully the weather will be a bit nicer too.  Be sure to get in touch with me before you come down again, as I am real busy every Tuesday afternoon through Friday.  I am the driver for both my husband and our daughter right now taking Bill to physical therapy twice and week and Dana to clean her little ladies and one little fella's houses every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  I have several doctor appointments coming up -- just for check-ups and I try to do all those on Mondays.  I stay so busy, I don't know how I had time to work.
I'm not so sure the developer and Pilot doesn't know by now that we realize the cemetery is in the thicket where they wanted to put a wet land.  Plus, I'm not sure the owner of that property didn't back out of selling that property, particularly after he saw we meant business, hired an attorney and was really working the community leaders to defeat such a project so close to our only source of drinking water.  Anyway, I have really been involved with a project that has become near and dear to my heart.  I have gotten to know neighbors rather than just the ones that live on our street, if you know what I mean.  We have all become friends, not just neighbors across the lake, so to speak.
Good to talk to you and let me hear from you again.  I have been meaning to let you know what is going on, but things started happening in the other direction so fast it was all we could do within our own group to keep up with the movement.  Take care and we'll talk later.

All tombstone and other photos below taken by Connie. Thank you Connie. they are thumbnails. I also had to make them smaller or they would be way too big for here. but the thumbnails will open in a bigger view and new window.

Adam Trumbo

Mary, daughter------

broken stone.

The above two photos are of the Trumbo Cemetery of broken tombstone or stone all by itself. It was so overgrown with weeds, vines, trees Connie was a little leery on entering it. I really don't blame her. All photos taken by Connie Lewis and emailed to Foxie for her. Connie and I are going to go exploring this cemetery sometime in 2007

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any comments, suggestions, help, insults, compliments feel free to email them to me or if you have person's buried in this cemetery would love to hear from you.  Maybe somebody you know is not listed and buried here... Can always use the help. Thanks


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