Help needed to save Cemetery in Pike County, IL

Abandoned Cemetery..... is lost and needed to be found....

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I am searching for living relatives of those interred in Bald
Bluff (a/k/a) Ball’s Bluff Cemetery in Atlas Township, Pike
Co., Illinois.

Eight other descendants and I have entered a lawsuit against
the surrounding landowner to get a recorded easement to the
cemetery, which we are entitled to by law.  This owner, and
her father before her, never stopped any cemetery visitors
since they purchased the land in 1935 until the past several
years.  Now she has had her nephew stop visitors even though we
have been trying to negotiate a settlement with her.  A year
ago, we elected to pursue a settlement through the court.  Our
next court date is September 1 when we expect a judgment at
last.  We are not asking for your financial support.

Our lawyer has asked that we build a list of living relatives
that he might use this to demonstrate to the judge that there
are many people who are interested in the preservation of
this cemetery.  Bald Bluff is about three acres with over 100
known names of those interred here between about 1850 and 1930. 
There are thirty-five known surnames.  We believe that there
are nearly two hundred graves when we are allowed in a map
the area.  Even though you may never have the opportunity to
visit Bald Bluff, I know that you don’t want the owner’s
nephew to continue to use the area for jeep racing and
fee-based hunting.  Over the past forty years, since the owner’s
father died, the cemetery has suffered more abuse than nature. 
The perimeter fence was removed so that cattle could roam
through the cemetery and, of course, they knocked over stones. 
A road was built around the circumference of the cemetery for
the jeep club.  In the building of this road, seve!
 ral tombstones were pulled down and then shoved down the
hill.  For the past four or five years, the nephew has allowed
hunters to come on the land for a fee.  When the court rules
for us, as I am sure it will, we will rebuild the fence, set
up many stones that are down on the ground, clean brush, and
repair the road to the cemetery.  Further, we will establish
an association to maintain the cemetery.  There are funds
available for the cemetery’s maintenance once we clear up the
access problem.

You can help by providing a list of names that you know of
living relatives of your ancestor interred in Bald Bluff. 
Again, we are not asking for your financial support and you will
not be party to the suit.  Please include names of living
relatives such as you, your children, grandchildren, siblings,
parent, nephews, nieces, cousins will all swell the list. 
Please notify your research partners also.  I will compile the
list and eliminate duplications.  We want to demonstrate to
the judge that the cemetery matters to many.   Your early
response will be greatly appreciated. 

We will save Bald Bluff Cemetery for future generations.

Judy Jones
Marietta, GA

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