Unknown Cemetery of Monroe County, IL

Abandoned Cemetery..... is lost and needed to be found....

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Unknown Cemetery

This report is a little different than the others on account of it was sent to me via email.  I just copied what Janice said and put here if anyone has anymore information on this cemetery I would like to know about it.  Please click on my hand below to email me.  Thanks.

There is an old abandoned cemetery in Monroe County... out in the middle of a corn field... in a small grove of trees... on Bushy Prairie Rd. which is out of Burksville in Monroe County, IL.
I sent the listing of the few old tombstones which I could record, to the Historical Society in Monroe County. I have no idea of the name of the old cemetery but I was searching for some early settlers who lived in property near that old cemetery. I was also told by former farmers of that land... (Schillings) that there were many old tombstones which were pushed down in a sink hole that was very close to that clump of trees... that I should not venture down in there because those sink holes are dangerous.
Over the many many years of farming, the farmers have simply shoved those old tombstones over and narrowed the area of the cemetery. What a shame!

I live about 40 or 50 miles from that old cemetery and would not be able to do the physical work but would be glad to assist in recording the graves with some physical help to up-right the stones. I used sidewalk chalk to read the ones I did record. It worked pretty well. To do this work, it should be done in the early winter after snakes/ticks are gone, plus the farmer's crops are out.

(near St. Louis)

There is another old abandoned cemetery (many times referred to as a "slave cemetery" which is on the South side of the highway leading into Valmeyer, IL from Waterloo. It is up on a hill to the left of the highway.

You might want to contact Mr. Ed Kueker because he is aware of the exact location of this old cemetery as he has referred to it in one of his books that he has authored.

His e-mail address:




Foxie's Note: First contact the township officials. If get nowhere, then then the only other recourse is to organzie a clean up the cemetery yourself.  Contact people who have relatives buried there, the Boy Scouts in your local area; but they will need help and adult supervision.  Let me know if anything gets done on this. Email is below.  And if all else fails contact the members of the County Board, the Newspapers in the area, the TV people.  Get the word out.  We have to step up and do something or someday these will all be lost to us & future generations.  Thanks Janice for the report.

A picture is worth a thousands words.

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