Jackson Cemetery, Bainbridge Twp., Schuyler County, IL


submitted by Hare & Kathy Mills via mailed cd cemetery listings for Schuyler County, Illinois.

Jackson Cemetery Bainbridge Township, Schuyler County, Illinois. Jackson Cemetery is located in the South west quarter of South east Quarter of Section 19 in township 1 North Range 1 West.



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Jackson Jermiah   June 30, 1883 Aged 75yrs, 7m 3d


Mary Peters Feb 18, 1818

May 31, 1912

Jackson Anzalita   Sept 30, 1855 aged 46yrs 8m 11d dau of J & M
Jackson Granville B   Sept 22, 1872 aged 1y 4m 6d son of J & M
Jackson Paulina C.   Apr 25, 1872 aged 13y 8m 7d dau of J & M
Jackson Andrew   Jan 30, 1865 aged 24y 3m 12d son of J & M

Corp Co D 115 Ill Inf

died in Service to his country

Cokenour Emmaritta



  Feb 21, 1902 aged 51yrs 1m 2d

wife of James

Cokenour James Corbett   Jan 12, 1894 AGED 9M
Korte George   Apr 10, 1902 Aged 17yrs 4m 3d son of G & E
Korte Mary C   Jan 12, 1883 Aged 1 day dau of G & E
Chitwood Elmer H   Feb 28, 1882 Aged 9m 6d
Cokenour Infants     of James & Beatrice


any comments, suggestions, help, insults, compliments feel free to email them to me or if you have person's buried in this cemetery would love to hear from you.  Maybe somebody you know is not listed and buried here... Can always use the help. Thanks

Thursday, June 22, 2006 05:08:14 PM

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