Moore Cemetery, Buena Vista Twp., Schuyler County, IL



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  1. RITCHEY, Addison B. 17 Sep 1817 – 19 Jan 1898, Husband of Mary Ann Hayes, Son of John & Elizabeth REED RITCHEY.  Shares Headstone with his wife:
    1. HAYES, Marry Ann Hayes Ritchey,  9 Oct 1829 – 20 May 1919, Wife of Addison B. Ritchey, daughter of John & Debora Hankins Hayes of Henry Co. IL
  1. SELLERS, Fred F., 17 Apr 1868 – 11 Dec 1913, Husband of Bertha EBERELL, Son of Leroy & Mahala Emeline MOORE SELLERS .  Shares Headstone with his infant Son:
    1. SELLERS, Leslie 22 Mar 1900 – 27 Mar 1900, Infant son of Fred F. & Bertha Eberell SELLERS
  1. SELLERS, Harrison P.  14 Oct 1850 – 11 Apr 1854, Son of Thomas & Melissa PENNINGTON SELLER
  1. SELLERS, Ida May 7 Dec 1869 – 18 May 1896, Wife of Charles Edward STODGELL (m: abt 1887), Daughter of Leroy & Mahala E. MOORE SELLERS.
  1. SELLERS, Leroy 5 Dec 1842 – 18 Feb 1916, Husband of Mahala Emeline MOORE, Son of Thomas & Melissa PENNINGTON SELLERS.
  1. SELLERS, Leroy Seymore 10 Nov 1879 – 4 Jan 1880, Infant Son of Leroy & Mahala E. MOORE SELLERS.
  1. SELLERS, Lillie  1896 – 1896, Infant Daughter of Ernest & Lillian TERRIL, Granddaughter of Leroy & Mahala E. Moore SELLERS
  1. PENNINGTON, Rhoda  11 Mar 1812 – 26 Mar 1851, 1st Wife of Riley PENNINGTON, Daughter of James & Judith SMITH
  1. SELLERS, Seymore 12 Nov 1870 – 1870  Possible infant son of Leroy & Mahala Moore Sellers
  1. SELLERS, Theodore C.  23 Dec 1871 – 8 Aug 1902, Son of Leroy & Mahala Emeline MOORE SELLERS.
  1. SELLERS, Thomas 5 Jan 1812 – 28 Oct 1854, Husband of Melissa PENNINGTON, Son of Drury & Demaris SELLERS, Early Pioneer Settlers of Schuyler Co, IL.  (Melissa Pennington Sellers, sister to Riley Pennington, died in 1901 and was buried in Walker Cemetery, McDonough Co, IL)

Sellers, Drury & Demaris believed to also be buried in Moore Chapel Cemetery, but stones are no longer visible.  Many stones in this cemetery are broken and weather-worn.



The arrival of the Drury Sellers Family was duly reported:

  The Tullis settlement extended its hospitalities to Drury Sellers and Robert L. Dark, his son in law, in the spring of 1828, and they secured a house by purchasing the cabin and improvements of Charles Hatfield, on the southwest quarter of section two, where they made their home together for a short time, and then Robert L. Dark bought the northwest quarter of section one, built himself a cabin, and continued his improvements.  Both these settlers became permanent residents of the county, and were among the first to invade and improve other townships.  Sellers becoming a pioneer of Littleton, where he died, and Dark, of Brooklyn, where he lived for many years, ultimately removing to Macomb.  Descendants of Drury Sellers now occupy the old homestead in the western portion of Littleton.  Robert L. Dark was one of the pioneer teachers of the county, and was a useful member of the community in which he lived.

Written in 1882, History of Schuyler & Brown Counties, Illinois published by Brink & Co, 1882, pg 65.


Some History Notes on SELLERS and others:

  A Bicentennial History of Dekalb Co. TN

                               by Thomas Grey Webb

Page 37

The old Indian boundery crossed Dry Creek somewhere in the vicinity of the Wilder Hollow, so the land above this could not be occupied until after the Third Treaty of Tellico in 1805. The earliest recorded settler on the upper part of Dry Creek was Ebenezer Snow (a brother of the Snows on the lower part of the creek), who came with his son William from NC in 1806. Williams wife was Mahala Brasswell, who was probably related to Sampson and Aaron Brasswell. Sampson Brasswell was on Dry Creek by 1813: he and Aaron both married daughters of William Williams Sr.. 

   A Mill had been early established where Cripps Mill now is: in 1813 it was owned by William Johnstone. On the creek below the mill the Melton and Sellars families were neighbors to each other in 1811. There were several in both families:  Mathew , Thomas, and Cooper  Melton: the Sellars family were Drury, Archibald, Mathew, John and his son Jordan. Mathew Spurlock also lived near the mill, and Peter Etheridge and Joseph Graham were living on upper Dry Creek in 1812. Moses Wilder came to this area from Bedford Co. in 1818 and probably settled in the hollow which still bears his name. The upper part of Dry Creek was in Warren Co. until 1836.









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