McClenahan Cemetery, Goshen Twp., Stark County, IL

McClenahan Cemetery is located South of LaFayette, Stark Co., IL. As you heading east out of LaFayette, IL, towards Toulon on IL State Route #17, you will see to the south, the first crossroads-- road heading south-- this is Orwig Road by the natives of area other names mentioned above. You keep going on this road until you pass Winans Road. There will be a stop a sign here.  You go about a half mile or so you will see a farm house on the left. Slow down, on your right just after the farm house is a mud lane if raining, that turns into a grassway about eight tenths of mile back to the cemetery in between two cornfields. you have to turn sharp., too and then it heads south. You will see the cemetery. If the corn is in season or up big you can see the cemetery from the road---100E aka TR 20-- to the west. back before the timber. Also, creeks in the vicinity. nice view when you get back there.


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McClenahan Cemetery Sign photos taken by Foxie April 29, 2007

McClenahan Cemetery Sign

looking back towards cemetery as we leave.

Looking east towards Orwig Road/100 E-TR20



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