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Stephenson County, IL Saving Graves

Here is a  Fantastic ~~~ success story sent to me from Robin, who is on the Board of  McConnell Historical Society.  Robin helped with this project along with lots of others.   Thanks so much Robin and many thanks to all who helped you in this project. 

Hello Foxie and all,
   I wanted to share with you all this special project of mine this past summer. President Terry Price and I of the McConnell Area Historical Society put this tombstone back into a cemetery in which we are about 99% sure it belongs. So now it is with along the rest of the Hawley family members. This tombstone was found in a pasture in McConnell Illinois and now it is located in Silent Hill Cemetery in McConnell IL.  Terry Price did the work of fixing the old stone and Robin Pardus did the researching for where the stone should go.  Along with a gentleman named John, Robin's young son Jerry Pardus and Terry Price ,  Robin finally had the stone put up into the cemetery. Then one final photo was taken with Terry and Robin. If anyone knows anything or ever hears of the Hawley family we are trying to also find out more info. Robin and Terry now also have a genealogy corner in the museum and are accepting all family histories and also any cemetery transcriptions. In hopes we can help others and also for future generations.
Robin Pardus
McConnell Area Historical Society



 email me your success stories.

Hope to fill up the web with them from all over the state of Illinois.

these are not showing up. They are newspaper clippings from Robin. Click on them and the original paper picture will show up. Same as for ones below.

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