Glenwood Cemetery, Little Mackinaw Twp., Tazewell County, IL


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Steve's survey, photos, & notes of this cemetery:


Glenwood Cemetery, Little Mackinaw Township, Plat Section 3,Tazewell Co.

AKA: Greenwood Cemetery; Old Minier Cemetery

Exit Interstate 155 & Turn EAST on Illinois Route 9, At the flashing light in Mackinaw, turn right onto Mackinaw Road (towards Minier) Drive 4 miles to GILS ROAD, Turn LEFT. Drive 2 miles to MINIER ROAD & turn left, Drive 1 mile North, Cemetery is on the right.

This tombstone photos are copy write by Steve Slaughter. You have to have his permission to download to your computer. I know nothing of this cemetery. If you know of anyone else that might be buried here be sure and let Steve & Foxie know. Thanks.

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All tombstone photos  below are most in regular size.  I resized a few for them fit here and since there were not really that many of them put them all on a little bigger than normal. Enjoy! & Thanks!

Mary Ann, wife of Wm Johnson


Amy Ward

Dr. W. C. Hoag


Isaiah & Harriet Hittle Walter

Electa Williams

Theopnilus Ireland

Sarah Railsback Adelia Coal

Katherine Dickson


Railback Family

John C. Dennis

Civil War Veteran

Unknown Grave

John Burnside Cales

Born in Scotland 1780-1874

George D. Watson

Winter Family

Ellie, wife of J. L. Winter

J. Lloyd Winter

R. R. Chaplin

Born in Mass.


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any comments, suggestions, help, insults, compliments feel free to email them to me or if you have person's buried in this cemetery would love to hear from you.  Maybe somebody you know is not listed and buried here... Can always use the help. Thanks

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