Hittle Grove Cemetery, Hittle Twp., Tazewell Co, IL


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Driving directions to HITTLE GROVE CEMETERY

Interstate 155 - exit at TREMONT, turn left towards Mackinaw; turn right onto Illinois Route 470 @ flashing light. Go 11.5 miles. IL Rt 470 changes name from Mackinaw Road to Grove Road upon entering Hittle Twp., turn right onto CENTER ROAD & go about one half mile. Cemetery is on the right.

WINFIELD S. BLAIR--tombstone below
enlisted as a Private Company "H" 4th Illinois Cavalry

He resided in Delevan, Tazewell County

SERVICE: Mustered in Oct. 21, 1861

Discharged June 3, 18622 enlisted as a Private in Company C


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Hittle Grove Cemetery Entrance Fantastic!!!

Negative view of the Arch at Hittle Grove Cemetery

Beyond the Sunset

George M. Roll

June 05, 1910--Apr 03, 1962

Genevieve I. Roll

June 10., 1907

John F. Albright

Feb 02, 1825-Aug 08, 1900

Louisa, His wife

Carolina & Leonard Hallstein

John & Martha A.

Taylor Gilbert

George W. Judy

Marvin E. Carter

Co K 26 Ill Inf

Jacob Appenzeller

Johannas, son of

Leonard & Carolina Hallstein

Austin Albright

J. M., son of

? & M Richmond

Translation supplied by the Tazewell County Historical Society:

This monument marks the final resting place of the victims of one of the saddest historical events to occur in Tazewell County. The inscription on one side of  this monument is as follows:
This Monument is Consecrated To The Memory of
Mary Ann, Emma and Ulalia, Wife and Daughters of George Orndorff

Who Departed This Life Oct. 12, 1860,
Aged Respectively 27 Yr, 2 Ms, 27 Ds,
8 Yr, 27 Ds - 6 Yr, 9 Ms 15 Ds
"On the cold cheek of death smiles
and roses are blending.
And beauty immortal
arises from the tomb."


The inscription on the other side of the monument tells the sad story represented by this monument:
On the morning of the 12th of Oct. A.D. 1860, the husband and father in whose memory this monument is erected, was called away on business, from his residence three miles southeast of Delavan, Illinois, where he left his family, consisting of his wife and two small daughters. At his return, no little ones ran to greet him, as was their custom, and at once alarm for the welfare of those dear ones took hold on his heart. Entering the house, he found his wife and daughters, whom he had left in perfect health and joyful spirits but a few hours before, had been cruelly murdered during his absence, and were now lying prostrate and weltering in their blood. The mother and younger daughter - alas - dead. The older daughter was still living and moaning piteously but unable to whisper one word in a father's ear. At four o'clock next morning, death ended her suffering. Kind friends bore them in one coffin, to their last resting place.
"And here, all that was mortal, lies beneath this marble."

The confessed object of the murder was to obtain money.
The murderer, a former hired hand, apparently was surprised to find anyone home during an attempt to rob the family. He killed the family in order to cover up his crime. He was later found hiding in a corn crib in Logan County.
He was returned to Pekin where he became the first man to be hung in Tazewell County. The Pekin mayor was forced to call out the militia in order to calm the crowds.

In Memory of these early settlers of Hittle Township though their graves are unmarked, they are not forgotten:
Jane Carr Danby Borbes Burge**Towanda, PA, 1803-Hittle Twp.1841-Stepmother of Absolom E. Forbes; Mother of Abner W. Abigail E. Clarey Ann and Dorcas C. Forbes and Martha C. and Jane Burge.

Adam Burge * Third husband of Jane Bunge VA 1898-Hittle Twp, 1845
Capt. Abner W. Forbes- Madison Co., OH, 1822-1874 Place unknown. First husband of Weltha Jerusha Burwell, father of John Burwell Forbes. Served in Mexican War 1846-7 and Civil War in Co E 77th Ill Inf and Co F 3d Regt Ala Inf. Captured with his son at Sulphur, Branch Trestle, Ala. 5/24/1864 and imprisoned with him at Camaba, Ala.

William H. Burwell - Brother of Weltha Jerusha Burwell Forbes, Hittle Twp., 1840, killed 10/12/1864 at Allatoona Pass, Ga, while serving in Co E 77th Ill Inf.

Clark Smith - second husband of Weltha Jerusha Burwell, N. Y. --1808 Hittle Twp., 3/18/58; father of William H., Jemima, and Nathan H. Smith.
Jemima Smith - Daughter of Clark & Wiltha Smith - Hittle Twp., 1854-1863.

Placed by Verna Forbes Willson-- 1992

Mary, wife of

George Hittle

Born Oct 26, 1774

Died Sept 20, 1829

Wm Powell

Eliza Ouisenberry Powell

Mary Jane Powell

Soldier Rest

Winfield S. Blair

Aged 46 yrs

Richard H., son of

M A & W P Reynolds

June 07, 1865

Aged 26yrs 10ms 8ds

In Memoriam

Michael & Alvira M. Steers Judy

Gone but not forgotten

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