Holland Grove's, Washington Twp., Tazewell County, IL


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Amelia A. Crombie's survey, photos, & notes of this cemetery:

Amelia walked this cemetery herself & took every tombstone photo here. Am awaiting the tombstone photos to place on this site from Amelia. Thanks So much Amelia. I thank you, your ancestors thank you & so does genealogy cyberspace thank you to along with the other ancestors buried in this cemetery. Thanks so much Amelia.....

Smile, you never know when God is admiring his work.

HOLLAND'S GROVE CEMETERY, Tazewell County, IL, Washington Township, Plat Section 19                                                                                                                                           

Jacob Bieber 00/00/0000-04/25/1857 22 Y 9 M ?? D

Anna Elisabetha Knoell Blumenshine 01/31/1804-10/11/1894 90 Y 8 M 10 D ===Born in Germany-Daughter of Johann Balthasar Knoll and Anna Catharina Dingeldein, Klein Gumpen by Reichelsheim, Hessen.

Jacob Blumenshine 03/10/1864-12/29/1912

William Blumenshine 07/24/1803-11/21/1872=== Born in Germany-Born as Georg Wilhelm Blumenschein, son of Johann Philipp Blumenschein and Elisabeth Margarethe Kuenzli in Reichelsheim im Odenwald, Hessen. Father of John Wm. (Anna Eva Rohrbach), Philip John(Barbra Himmel), Margaret(Geo Wm Keil), Elizabeth(Conrad Himmel), Sebastian(Rosanna Horn), M. Catharine(Francis Wm. Wehrle), and William(Margaret Heisler).

Katherine Schmoeger Cook 00/00/1913-00/00/1996

John Dawson 00/00/0000-00/00/0000 Co. B. 7 ILL. INF.

Ann Schmoeger Day 00/00/1920-00/00/1998

*A bench near a tree reads-Ankaber Acres-Thereís no place like home.

Anna Margaret Gable Dingeldein 06/16/1821-01/18/1907=== Wife of Johannes, Mother of Mary E. A., Adam and Margaret Dingeldein

Catharine Malthe Dingeldein 08/12/1802-12/12/1876 ===Born in Germany Wife of Johann Philipp Dingeldein and Mother of John and Mary Dingeldein

Harriet Dingeldein 09/27/1874-10/17/1874 ===Born in Washington IL Died in Tazewell County, Infant daughter of Adam and Mary Ann Keil Dingeldein

Johann Philipp Dingeldein 05/03/1801-09/26/1881 ===Died in Tazewell County, Son of Johannes and Anna Katharina Marquardt Dingeldein

Johannes Dingeldein 02/13/1809-08/30/1875==== Born in Germany, Died in Tazewell County. Son of Johannes and Anna Katharina Marquardt Dingeldein

Katie Dingeldein 02/12/1887-03/05/1887=== Born in Washington, Died in Tazewell County, Infant daughter of Adam and Mary Ann Keil Dingeldein

Mary Ann Dingeldein 10/29/1889-11/26/1889 ----Born in Washington, Died in Tazewell County, Infant daughter of Adam and Mary Ann Keil Dingeldein

Jacob Eckhart 00/00/1849-00/00/1898 At Rest, Father.

Caroline E. Essig 05/05/1850-09/22/1899 Wife of John Essig

Clara Belle Gable 00/00/1878-00/00/1914 Daughter

Elmira Gable 00/00/1854-00/00/1914 Mother

John Gable 00/00/1842-00/00/1916 Father

Elisabetha Rohrbach Grosenbach 04/16/1823-04/27/1897 Mutter

Jacob Grosenbach 07/29/1823-02/09/1902 Vater

Ronald Grosenbach 00/00/0000-00/00/1938 Son of L. W. and H. M. Grosenbach

John Hagenstoz 12/10/1818-11/04/1868

Carl Hoelscher 05/12/1832-04/25/1899 Father

Elizabeth Hoelscher 10/31/1836-05/22/1925 Mother, His Wife

George Hoelscher 06/19/1833-06/29/1863 Born in Alsteed G. H. Hessen, Germany

Augustana Keil 01/06/1874-07/26/1875 Daughter of I. or L. B. & E. J. Keil

Bahlasar Keil 09/24/1797-09/21/1865==== Born in Germany, Died in Tazewell County Born as Georg Balthasar Keil, Erzbach by Reichelsheim im Odenwald, Hessen. Son of Georg Nicklas and Anna Margretha Kriechbaum Keil.

Catharine A. Bettelon Keil 12/19/1820-02/04/1908 ===Born in Germany Died in Illinois

Elisabetha Katharina Knoell Keil 03/15/1802-04/21/1882 ====Born in Germany, Died in Illinois Daugher of Johann Balthasar Knoll and Anna Catharina Dingeldein, Klein Gumpen, Reichelsheim im Odenwald, Hessen Sister to A. E. Blumenshine and Anna Margatetha Knoell(Johann Peter) Hufbauer.

Emilie Keil 00/00/1857-00/00/1862=== Daughter of G. & K. Keil

George Keil 09/08/1821-02/21/1874 ====Son of Johann Georg Keil and Elizabetha Katharina Dingeldein of Ober-Ostern, Erzbach, Hessen. Brother of Anna Catharina Trautmann(Edward) Nothnagel, George Peter(Catherine Bettelon), and Johann Adam(Emma Smith)

George Peter Keil 11/18/1819-11/07/1896 ====Born in Germany died in Illinois, Son of Johann Georg keil and Elisabetha Katharina Dingeldein of Ober-Ostern, Erzbach, Hessen. Father of Mary Magdalena(Michael Jr.) Wehrle, Julia Ann Stormer, Adam John(Helena Denhart), Amma M. (George) Koch, Henry M. (Minnie Fragel), Willian C. (Alice Hampton), Margaret (Joseph) Walker)

Katharina Keil 09/19/1828-08/07/1907== His Wife

Margaret Keil 05/19/1838-04/26/1922=== Hi Wife, Shared stone with William Keil

Warren K. Keil 08/16/1927-04/08/1985 ====Thou art my father, my God and the rock of my salvation-Psalm 89:26. He has an American Legion marker along side of his grave.

William Keil 03/16/1831-10/23/1913

Anna E. Koch Kopp 00/00/1845-00/00/1927 Shared headstone with Robert D.

Henry Kopp 00/00/0000-00/00/0000 Co. E. 17 Mo. INF.

Robert D. Kopp 00/00/1840-00/00/1890 Shared headstone with Anna E. Koch Kopp

Olive E. Gable Krull 00/00/1878-00/00/1937 His Wife, Whatever is, is.

Otto G. Krull 00/00/1869-00/00/1934 Whatever is, is.

Edward L. List 00/00/1874-00/00/1886 Child

Clara Mary Mette 09/02/1904-02/23/1905 Infant

Lyle Wayne Miller 08/12/1932-10/12/1982 Married June 15, 1958

Nicholas Rohrbach 09/02/1820--04/02/1898=== Born in Germany, Died in Illinois- Born Niederaula, Bad Hersfeld, Hessen, Son of Johannes Rohrbach and Anna Katharina Weiffenbach. Brother to Anna Eva(John William) Blumenshine, Elisabetha(Jacob) Grosenbach, Anna Katharina(Philipp) Wohlgemuth, Johann Adam Rohrbach.

Wilhelmina Deneur Rohrbach 12/07/1822-08/03/1901 Born in Germany, Died in Illinois

Helena Schildwachter 00/00/1836-00/00/1924

Lavinia Schmaltz 03/02/1855-09/21/1900 His Wife

Michael Schmaltz 10/17/1849-09/13/1928

Harry J. Schmoeger 00/00/1883-00/00/1967

Irene L. Schmoeger 00/00/1885-00/00/1968

Caroline Specht 00/00/1877-00/00/1897

G. C. Steinberg 00/00/0000-08/02/1906 Believe this is a child

Illegible Stone 00/00/0000-00/00/0000

Broken Stones 00/00/0000-00/00/0000 These are leaning against a tree

Adolph Linneman 04/11/1827-08/12/1901

Barbara Schmoeger Wheeler 00/00/1924-00/00/2005 This is the newest or second newest burial in the cemetery.

Ellen Wiess 00/00/0000-00/00/0000 This stone is hard to read, Iím not positive on the exact name.

Ezra J. Wunderlich 12/30/1883-01/09/1904 Son of N. & H. Wunderlich Stone by Merkle & Sons-Peoria

Charles Schater 01/27/18??-10/28/1800

Susanna Keil 00/00/1853-00/00/1860 Daughter of G. & K. Keil

Edward L. Keil 00/00/0000-05/13/1860 Son of H. P & C. A. Keil

Rachel Keil Daughter of ? ? Keil

Stephan A. D. 03/16/1861-11/13/1861 Son of ?? ?

Betsey Ann Norris 10/09/1836-04/02/1874

Ferdinand Strasso -09/00/1830

Adam J. Eckhard 01/17/1803-01/06/1883

Mary Eckhard 08/23/1813-12/23/1877

John Norris -06/15/1885 58 Y 0 M 2 D-Military stone also Co. G. 47 ILL INF

John Keil 1871-1947

Rohama E. Schmaltz 1878-1879

Daniel List 11/9/1857 Son of G. & A. List

Daughter of ? & ? Eckhart Our Baby, At Rest

C. E.

G. E.

Karl J. Grosenbach Son of ? & M. Grosenbach 03/18/1882-?/1883

Magdalena Vogelgesang 1839-1869 Wife of Christ Vogelgesang

Margaret Klingel Lindenbaum 11/16/1819-09/10/1867 Wife of H. P. Lindenbaum

Catharine Knell 1795-1859

John Vaubel 1884-1923

Lizzie Wuhnderlich Wife of Nikolaus Wunderlich 09/26/1866-01/13/1884

Geo.Specht Co. E 47 ILL INF

Eva Specht Denicus 06/21/1852-10/02/1861

Valentin Schmaltz 00/09/1819-00/24/1892

H. P. Lindenbaum D-01/06/1894 84 Y 3 M 12 D

Magdalena Schick Wife of Jos. Schick-German 04/11/1893 69 Y 10 M 28 D

Joseph Shick 12/26/1818-06/06/1898

John Dalsar Keil 08/04/1828-05/21/1905

Elizabeth J. Keil 06/05/1835-06/15/1893 Wife of J.D. Keil

Samuel Blumenschein 08/26/1839-01/16/1899

Catherine Blumenschein 01/09/1843-09/11/1896

George W.Blumenshine 08/07/1855-12/3/1920

Rosa Ella Blumenshine 01/10/1857-04/14/1899 His Wife

John Bischoff 09/23/1854-06/11/????

Fred Miller 06/04/1863-01/24/1912

John List 10/13/1836-03/04/1816

Catharine List 11/29/1807-02/16/1883 75 Y 2 M 17 D Wife of Louis List

John Goeble -06*28*1872 62 y 1 m 3 d

Solomon G. Niemeyer 07/13/1883-09/27/1883 2 M 14 D Son of J. & S. E Niemeyer

Sarah E. Niemeyer 04/25/1859-07/17/1883 24 Y 2 M 22 D Wife of J. Niemeyer, Mother of Solomon

Daniel Vauble 1886-1977

Rev. Conrad Vaubel 1857-1901

Catherine Vaubel 1859-1934

Emma Vaubel 1890-1933

Katharina Ludwig Linneman Wife of Adolph Linneman 12/23/1827-09/17/1898

Adam Blumenshine 12/18/1844-01/15/1903

Bertha Dingeldein Wife of Robt. H. Dingeldein 1888-1908

Joseph Schmaltz 03*31*1846-01/12/1906

Anna Keil 02/23/1855-05/04/1945 his wife

Herbert Keil 1893-1953

Margaret Keil 1896-1964

Daniel Keil 1863-1941

Katie M. Keil 1869-1965

Lester H. Keil 07/20/1899-07/19/1976

Florence Keil 02/22/1908-05/27/1992

Rodney M. Davis 11/23/1922-11/07/1988

Norma Jean Davis 11/15/? ? His Wife

George E. Schmaltz 02/04/1876-07/27/1969

Lydia Keil 1865-1939

Samuel Keil 1860-1935

George Keil 1862-1943

Obed F.Keil 1870-1951

Clara E. Wenger 1897-1938 Mother

Kathryn F. Schmaltz 09/20/1877-07/13/1932

Minnie E. Hoelscher

Henry Neeb 01/28/1838-03/19/1919

Susanna G. Neeb 12/15/1840-04/07/1922 His wife

Katherine Schmaltz Aunt Katie

Henry C. List 1842-1919

Margaret List 1854-1924

John Dingeldine 1843-1914 Father

Marie A. Dingeldine 1852-1934 Mother

Ellen M. Dingeldine 1880-1925 Daughter

Albert E. Dingeldine 1869-1938 Son

Martin Dingeldine 1874-1951 Son

Frank E. Dingeldine 1871-1951 Son

Bessie E. Dingeldine 1888-1953 Daughter

Rosetta C. Dingeldine 1884-1955 Daughter

Florence Dingeldine 1877-1963 Daughter

Mabel J. Dingeldine 1891-1985 Daughter

Gertrude F. List 1884-1958

Erbin W. Woodward 1910-1998 Father

Elsie E. Woodward 1911-1999 Mother

Adeline Blumensine 1880-1907 Wife of William Handshu

Christina Heisler 03/25/1825-08/06/1902 Mother

Reuben Keil Son of Wm & M. Keil

Charles W. Keil 02/03/1867*07/08/1897

Smile, you never know when God is admiring his work.

Steve Slaughter's Holland Grove Cemetery, Washington Twp., Tazewell County, IL

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