MooBerry Cemetery, Groveland Twp., Tazewell County, IL


This tombstone photos are copy write by Steve Slaughter. You have to have his permission to download to your computer. I know nothing of this cemetery. If you know of anyone else that might be buried here be sure and let Steve & Foxie know. Thanks.

With any questions on Cemetery Email Steve.

Contributions email Foxie.

Steve's survey, photos,  & notes of this cemetery:

Steve's survey & notes of this cemetery:


Located between Meuller Road and Interstate 74, about 2.5 miles from Morton, this small cemetery is cared for & maintained. Difficult to get to as you can either cross the farmers hog lot or access via corn fields which are usually wet & muddy due to irrigation. Surrounded by a heavy wire fence, this "family" cemetery is composed of 2 sections.

Located in TAZEWELL COUNTY, Groveland Township, plat section 11 


Minnie Well Brock

Mary J. Caldwell






Laura M.

James S.

Francis M. Mooberry

Died Agus 07, 1874

Aged 19yrs 16ds

son of

William & Matilda E. Montgomery

Matilda E. Marion

wife of William MooBerry

December 29, 1830

February 18, 1914

At Rest

William Mooberry

May 26, 1825

June 29, 1902

At Rest


Emma dau. of

J S & Jane Mooberry

Edith dau of

A. P. & D J.O'Brien

Feb 21, 1887

Ma7 04, 1889

Jessie G dau of
A P & D J O'Brien
Dec 05, 1884
Apr 29, 1893
Elsie dau of
A P & D J O'Brien
Feb 06, 1890
Apr 30, 1893
Viola May 1898-1948
Harry H. 1894-1965
Martha wife of

Alex Mooberry

Close up of Martha Montgomery's tombsone
John Clinton Mooberry
Bess D & George W. Mooberry
Georgia A dau of

G S & S A Mooberry

George son of

D & M Mooberry

Elizabeth dau of

D & M Mooberry


 Father & Mother


David Mooberry

goes with above tombstone

Margret Mooberry

goes with the two above photos

Evaline, dau of

S R & L C Mooberry

Floyd, son of

SR & L C Mooberry

Walter, son of

S R & L C Mooberry

Della Mooberry
David R, son of

S R & L C


Nettie, wife of

W. L. Van Dyke


Dorcas Jane

dau of Sam'l & Louisa Montgomery

Alba Parker

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any comments, suggestions, help, insults, compliments feel free to email them to me or if you have person's buried in this cemetery would love to hear from you.  Maybe somebody you know is not listed and buried here... Can always use the help. Thanks

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