Orendorff Cemetery, Hopedale Twp., Tazewell County, IL


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All tombstone photos  below are most in regular size.  I resized a few for them fit here and since there were not really that many of them put them all on a little bigger than normal. Enjoy! & Thanks!

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Mr. Orendorff selected this site for this cemetery soon after coming to this country in 1827, and afterwards was the first person buried here. He gave as his reason for choosing this spot that it was the highest point near the timber in this vicinity and a large and tall oak tree standing here at that time was a conspicuous land mark that could be seen for miles from any direction the surrounding the prairie


Dell? Judy

dau. of

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Henry C. Judy

Co I 54 Ill Inf

Benjamin S. Ford, 1st Sgt

Co B. 6 KY  inf

James Odgen, Sgt
Co D 152 Ill Inf
H. L. Ogden, Corp
Co H 70 Ill Inf


Orin Nolder

Co B 110 Ohio Inf

Paul G. Mount, Corp

Illinois 325 Inf

82 Div

Franklyn E. Canopy

Illinois Pvt 347 Inf 87 Div

World War II Veteran

gave his life for us!!!!

In Memory of

Mary wife of

Jacob Hauter

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Tombstone photos below were graciously donated by Aimee Kennedy Cohler. If you would like anymore information on this family you may click on Amiee's name to email her. Thanks Aimee. Great photos. They are thumbnails, click on for a little bigger photo.


George W., 1837 - 1924

Martha A., 1847 - 1941

(Note: Martha's maiden name was Fry.)

Infant son of

G. W. & M. A.


Died May 15, 1881

(note: family legend says he was named Clifford, though the stone does not reflect this)



Helena A., 1884 - 1947


Eugene E., 1877-1960

(Note: Helena's maiden name was Pomrenke.)


Virginia, Jan. 21 1934 - Dec. 6 1993

Eugene Jr., Feb. 10 1925 - Oct. 13 1998


George W., 1884 - 1919



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