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Roanoke Mennonite Cemetery, Washington Twp., Tazewell County, IL


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Amelia A. Crombie's survey, photos, & notes of this cemetery:

Amelia walked this cemetery herself & took every tombstone photo here. Am awaiting the tombstone photos to place on this site from Amelia. Thanks So much Amelia. I thank you, your ancestors thank you & so does genealogy cyberspace thank you to along with the other ancestors buried in this cemetery. Thanks so much Amelia.....

Smile, you never know when God is admiring his work.

HOLLAND'S GROVE CEMETERY, Tazewell County, IL, Washington Township, Plat Section

Roanoke Mennonite Cemetery- survey by Amelia A. Crombie

Bachman, Andrew J.

      B. 1854 D. 1940

Bachman, Bertha E.

      B. 1890 D. 1964

Bachman, Mary Maria Garber

      B. 1851 D. 1916

      Wife of Andrew J. Bachman

Bachman, Rudie C.

      B. 1904 D. 1977

Cheeley, Richard D.

      B. 08/29/1942 D. 09/20/2003

      Born in the United States

      Died in Coles County, Illinois, United States

Dellenbach, Christian

      B. 11/18/1886 D. 01/19/1888

      Son of J. & L. Dellenbach

Garber, Arthur A.

      B. 1921 D. 1996

Garber, Barbara

  1. D. 10/25/1928

Garber, Elizabeth Ann Ulrich

      B. 1922 D. 1958

      Wife of Arthur L. Garber

Garber, Henry John

      B. 1889 D. 1961

Garber, Jacob A.

      B. 11/30/1866 D. 08/20/1955


Garber, Martha M. Schertz

      B. 1869 D. 1945

      Wife of Jacob A. Garber

Garber, Matilda

      B. 1890 D. 1981

Garber, Susan Schertz

      B. 1867 D. 1902

      First wife of Jacob A. Gerber

Gerber, Catherine

      B. 10/02/1848 D. 12/29/1920

Graber, Chris

      B. 04/14/1918 D. 10/10/2003

Graber, Jacob R.

      B. 1910 D. 1955

Graber, Marie E.

      B. 1884 D. 1958

      His Wife

Graber, Peter

      B. 1880 D. 1929

Graber, Rose A.

      B. 1908 D. 1994

Greaser, Charles F.

      B. 1891 D. 1977

Greaser, Pearl Celesta Hershberger

      B. 1894 D. 1995

Hartzler, John D.

      B. 1912 D. 1991

Hostetler, Edward M.

      B. 1897 D. 1979

Hostetler, Ira M.

      B. 1874 D. 1960

Hostetler, Judith L.

      B. 03/08/1931 D. 08/28.2005

      Born in Roanoke, Woodford County, Illinois

      Died in Eureka, Woodford County, Illinois

      Daughter of Edward and Martha Zoss Hostetler

      Had three sisters: Lola Hostetler, Edith Ketcham, and Luella Glick.

Hostetler, Martha E.

      B. 1900 D. 1984

Hostetler, Milo M.

      B. 1899 D. 1983


Hostetler, Milton

      B. 1863 D. 1948


Householter, Madeline Rora

      B. 12/29/1928  D. 02/13/2006

She was born in Roanoke, Woodford County, Illinois to James and Janette Isoardi Rora. She married Robert H. Householter on February 18th, 1950. He is still living. She is survived by three sons: Dennis (Martha) Householter, and Bob (Leslie) Householter, both of Morton, IL and Jim (Karen) Householter of Wheaton; three grandsons, Victor Householter, Greg Householter, and Peter Householter, and three granddaughters, Laurel Householter, Emily Householter and Erika Householter. She was preceded in death by her parents, three brothers, one sister and one grandchild-Joel Householter.

Kenagy, Harold L.

B. 06/13/1916  D.05/08/2007

Born in Garden City, Cass County, Mo.

He was born to Owen A. & Lydia Schrock Kenagy. He married Mardelle Augsburger on December 12th, 1936 in Flanagan, Livingston County, IL.

Kenagy, Lydia Schrock

      B. 1894 D. 1970

      Mother of Harold L. Kenagy

      Inscription: Together Forever

Kenagy, Owen A.

      B. 1894 D. 1993

      Father of Harold L. Kenagy

      Inscription: Together Forever

Kennell, Frank H.

      B. 1924 D. 1986

Kennell, John E.

      B. 1895 D. 1959

Kennell, John P.

      B. 04/14/1923 D. 11/20/2006

      Born in Roanoke, Woodford County, Illinois.

      He was born to Peter S. & Sarah Keller Kennell.

      He married Laverne Zoss on September 6th, 1945. She survives.

Kennell, Julia M.

      B. 09/09/1924 D. 10/13/2007

      Born in Woodford County, Illinois.

      Died in Washburn, Woodford County, Illinois.

Age 83 Years, passed away at 12:38 P. M. Saturday at her home. She was born in Linn Township, Woodford County, Illinois as the daughter of Peter and Sarah Keller Kennell. She married Roy E. Kennell on February 25th, 1949. He passed away on January 4th, 2004. She was preceded in death by one son, Steven in 1967, two grandchildren-Howard and Rebekah, and two sisters, and one brother- John P. Kennell. Surviving are two sons-Paul (Karen) Kennell of South Wayne, Wisconsin, and Don (Nancy) Kennell of Washburn, Illinois. One daughter- Mrs. James (Dorothy) Sommers of Dalton, Ohio. She is also survived by 21 grandchildren, 16 great-grandchildren, and two brothers-Harold (Louise) Kennell of Wenona and Marion (Barb) Kennell of Thompsonville, Illinois. She was a homemaker and a member of North-Linn Mennonite Church in Washburn, Illinois. Services were held at 10:00 A. M. Tuesday, October 16th, 2007, at her church, with Amish church ministers officiating. Visitation was held Monday evening from 4 to 8 P. M. at Mason Funeral Home, Metamora Chapel. Burial was in Roanoke Mennonite Church. Memorials were made to Christian Aid Ministries and Charities of the donorís choice.

Kennell, Martha Garber

      B. 1899 D. 1985

      Wife of John E. Kennell

Kennell, Marvin

      B. 02/16/1936 D. 03/23/2006

      Born in Roanoke, Woodford County, Illinois.

      He was born to Reuben and Elsie Martin Kennell.

He married Lydia Kauffman on October 22nd, 1960, she survives. Also surviving is one daughter-Betty (Dale) Heinold of Lacon, Illinois. One son- Bryant (Lisa) Kennell of Eureka, IL.(Members of Roanoke Mennonite Church.) Seven grandchildren, Seven brothers-Kenneth (Emily) Kennell, Leonard (Velda) Kennell, both of Benson Illinois. Ralph (Julia) Kennell, of Waukarusa, Indiana. Harold (Shirley) Kennell of Shelbyville, Illinois. John (Pam) Kennell of Gowrie, Iowa. Carl (Kathy) Kennell of Washburn, Illinois and Ervin (Rose) Kennell of Delta, Colorado. One sister- LuAnn Susan Gerber of Goshen, Indiana.

Kennell, Noah David

      B. 1898 D. 1972

Kennell, Susan K. Garber

      B. 1902 D. 1980

Kuebler, Melvin D.

      B. 01/31/1927 D. 04/24/2007

      Born in Eureka, Woodford County, Illinois.

      He was born to Ernest and Matilda Bachman Kuebler.

He married Mary L. Wadsworth on January 15th, 1950 in Eureka, Illinois. She died on August 20th, 2004.

Litwiller, Allen E.

      B. 09/22/1917 D. 11/23/2001

Litwiller, Deryl Gene

      B. 08/12/1949 D. 09/08/1949


Litwiller, Dorothy L. Bachman

      B. 09/23/1923 D. 06/26/1997

Litwiller, Ralph D.

      B. 1909 D. 1987

Martin, Orva E.

      B. 01/29/1916 D. 02/11/2003

      Born in Delavan, Tazewell County, Illinois

      Died in Peoria, Peoria Country, Illinois

Son of Daniel & Alice Yoder Martin, he married Verna Kennell on February 10th, 1938. They had eight children.

McClallen, Mary D. Kenagy

      B. 10/17/1930 D. 02/09/2006

      Born in Tontan, Minnesota, to William and Grace Edward Vierhout.

She married Roy Rassi. She later married Lester Kenagy on January 29, 1971. He died September 28th, 2003. She later married Bernon McClallen on June 4th, 2005 and he survives. She is also survived by two daughters- Donna (William) Poole of Eatonton, Georgia and Cheryl (James) Kenagy of Eureka, Illinois. One son-William Rassi of Washington, Illinois. Surviving are 12 stepchildren- Loren (Gail) Kenagy or Princeton, Minnesota, the Reverand Darryl (Barbara) Kenagy, of Lomira, Wisconsin, Barbara (Brad) Byrd of Roanoke, Illinois, Ronald (Donna) Kenagy of Pelion, South Carolina, Connie (Clifford) Ledington of Victorville, California, James (Cheryl) Kenagy, Steven (Martha) McClallen, Michael (Laurel) McClallen and David (Molly) McClallen all of Eureka, Illinois. Janet (Albert) Otto of Naperville, Illinois, Dr. Gerald (Debra) McClallen of Carbondale, Illinois, and Randell McClallen of East Peoria, Illinois. Three sisters- Grace Reich of Long Beach, California, Jean (Tom) Slack of Morton, Illinois and Estella Schieber of Metamora, Illinois. Surviving are 41 grandchildren and 30 great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by three brothers- William, Robert and James Vierhout, one son-in-law- John Leas, one grandson-Andy Leas, one great-grandson-Joshua Kneip and an infant granddaughter.

Monk, Emma V.

      B. 02/5/1922 D. 03/15/1995

Monk, Neal J.

      B. 1921 D. 1972

Rediger, Magdalena

      B. 09/28/1817 D. 12/24/1913

Rediger, Phoebe

      B. 1860 D. 1880

Schertz, Anna

      B. 1853 D. 1938

Schertz, Anna Lurene Schertz

      B. 04/25/1888 D. 01/30/1992

Schertz, Christian

      B. 01/29/1842 D. 08/14/1913

Schertz, Christian A.

      B. 10/01/1899 D. 11/11/1993

Schertz, Florence S. Landis

      B. 11/28/1896 D. 02/28/1996

Schertz, Laura Schertz

      B. 1890 D. 1977

      Wife of William Jesse Schertz

Schertz, Magdalena

      B. 02/02/1844 D. 04/15/1911

      His Wife

Schertz, Martha Ann Wagner

      B. 1891 D. 1937

Schertz, Peter D.

      B. 1848 D. 1928

Schertz, Peter R.

      B. 04/08/1886 D. 11/26/1969

Schertz, Raymond

      B. 10/31/1893 D. 09/15/1981

Schertz, Rose G.

      B. 07/10/1902 D. 08/07/1996

Schertz, William Jesse

      B. 1892 D. 1970

Schrader, Betty Lou

      B. 02/14/1928 D. 02/25/1990

      She was married on October 5th, 1947.

Schrader, LaNole

      B. 02/04/1926 D. 12/06/2006

      He was born in El Paso, Woodford County, Illinois

      He was born to Louis and Lina Gray Schrader.

      He served in the United States Marine Corps in World War II

Schrock, Andrew

      B. 1841 D. 1900

Schrock, Catherine

      B. 1845 D. 1919

      His Wife

Schrock, Fannie M.

      B. 1887 D. 1978

Schrock, Marie

      B. 06/11/1878 D. 11/07/1963

Schrock, William N.

      B. 1863 D. 1959

Strubhar, Clifford Daniel

      B. 12/25/1915 D. 12/06/2001

      Born in Hubbard, Marion County, Oregon

      Died in Eureka, Woodford County, Illinois

Swain, Thomas

      B. 02/11/1941 D. 02/04/2007

Born in Streator, Illinois

Died at St. Francis Medical Center, Peoria, Peoria County, Illinois

**The obituary for this individual states burial in this cemetery but I do not know that this is his actual burial location**

Aged 65 Years, of La Salle, Illinois, he died at 12:25 A. M. on February 4th, 2007 at St. Francis Medical Center of Peoria. His visitation was held at 11 A. M. Wednesday at Grace United Methodist Church in La Salle, Illinois. The Rev. Jennifer Wilson officiated. A private burial (maybe) was held Thursday at Roanoke Mennonite Cemetery. The visitation was held Tuesday from 4-7 P. M. at the church and from 10:00-11:00 A. M. Wednesday at the church. Arrangements were through Mueller Funeral Home in Peru, Illinois. He was born to Thomas and Frances Slafarski Swain. He married Karen Ulrich on June 4th, 1965 in Roanoke Mennonite Church. He received a bachelorís degree in music from Illinois Weslyan University in Bloomington, Illinois. He received his masterís degree in music education at the University of Northern Colorado. He was the band director for El Paso High School and Putnam County High School. He was assistant band director at La Salle-Peru Township High School for 16 years. He then worked at Mitsubichi Motors in Normal for 10 years until retiring in 2005. He was active in Grace Bible Fellowship Church in Peru, Illinois and Grace United Methodist Church in La Salle, Illinois. He was a board member of Illinois Valley Symphony Orchestra and a member of La Salle School Excellence Foundation. He play clarinet with Illinois Valley Community College Wind Ensemble and Peru Municipal Band. He was active with Illinois Valley Animal Rescue and participated in the pet care program at St. Margaretís Hospital of Spring Valley, Illinois. He is survived by his wife, two sons- Brian L. Swain of Normal, Illinois and Derek J. (Kristen) Swain of Homer Glen, Illinois, one grand-son, one granddaughter, and one sister- Mary Ellen (John) Price of Villa Park, Illinois. He was preceded by his parents. Memorials were made to St. Margaretís Hospital Foundation, IVAR, and Forest Park Oncology Unit at St. Francis Medical Center in Peoria, Illinois.

Troyer, Robert E.

      B. 06/08/1916 D. 02/13/2005

He was the son of Oliver and Kate Nafziger Troyer and he married Ethel M. Yordy on December 1st, 1939, she survives. Surviving are five daughters- Mary Ann (Paul) Watkins of Bloomington, Illinois, Susan Troyer of Chicago, Illinois, Betty (Randy) Rocke of Columbus, Ohio, Sally (William) Anderson of Eureka, Illinois, and Alice Troyer of Palatine, Illinois. Three brothers- Claude Troyer of Bloomington, Illinois, Oliver Troyer, Jr., of Zephyrhills, Florida, and John Troyer of Park Falls, Wisconsin. Two sisters- Ruth Schapmire of Normal, Illinois, and Fern Rice of Sheldon, Illinois. Also surviving are four grandchildren and five-great-grandchildren, he was preceded by his parents, three brothers and one sister.

Ulrich, Catherine

      B. 11/01/1841 D. 01/071905

Ulrich, Christian M.

      B. 1879 D. 1945

Ulrich, David E.

      B. 1889 D. 1969

Ulrich, Louisa A. Schertz

      B. 1882 D. 1977

Ulrich, Martha J. Garber

      B. 1889 D. 1977

Ulrich, Nora Wagner

      B. 1889 D. 1951

Ulrich, Peter

      B. 07/10/1811 D. 02/08/1904

Ulrich, Peter N.

      B. 05/04/1883 D. 09/04/1974

Ulrich, Vilas Richard

  1. D. 03/14/2007 

He is survived by his wife, Rose Marie Ulrich, one son- Lonnie (Linda) Ulrich of Metamora, Illinois and two daughter- Sharon (Jim) Kennell of Roanoke, Illinois and Sandra (Dave) Steffen of El Paso, Illinois. Aged 66 Years

Ulrich, Wilma M. Kennell

      B. 12/10/1920 D. 03/29/2007

      Born in Rural Washburn, Woodford County, Illinois

She was born to Solomon and Lena Zoss Kennell, she married David R. Ulrich on February 14th, 1940 in Roanoke, Illinois. He preceded her in death on December 27th, 1998.

Wagner, Joseph

      B. 1866 D. 1946


Wagner, Lena Steider

      B. 1869 D. 1946


Wagner, Matilda Garber

      B. 1890 D. 1981

Yotty, Annie M. Bachman

      B. 12/03/1858 D, 12/18/1933

      Wife of Jacob C. Yotty

      Inscription: His Wife

Yotty, Catherine Stalter

  1. D.

**This is an unmarked grave, information was taken from the church and this is believed to be the location of her grave. Grave # 14

Yotty, Christian

      B. 1808 D. 1880

      Died in Woodford County, Illinois

** This is an unmarked grave, information was taken from the church and this is believed to be the location of his grave. Grave # 13

Yotty, Jacob C.

      B. 04/27/1853 D. 08/23/1920

Jacob Yotty, was born in Woodford Co., Ill., April 27, 1853; died at his home west of Kalona, Iowa, Aug. 23, 1920; aged 67 y. 3 m. 26 d. During the fore part of the summer he was taken to the Hospital at Iowa City, Ia., for an operation, during the process of which it was discovered that he was afflicted with a cancer of the liver, which had made such progress that all surgical help was of no avail. He recovered after the operation and returned to his home but the disease developed rapidly and in spite of all that friends and loving hands could do, he passed away. Early in life he united with the Mennonite Church, of which he was a member until his death. On Jan. 26, 1882, he was united in marriage with Annie Bauchman. To them were born four children: two sons, Chris S. and Bartholomew J., and two daughters: Elizabeth A., wife of John Speas and Jacobena C., wife of Jake Speas. All are living and with their mother were at his bedside at the time of his death. Besides this he is survived by one brother and one sister both of Ill., and five grandchildren, who with a host of friends mourn his departure. Father, mother, two brothers and two sisters preceded him to the great beyond. Funeral services were held at the East Union Church near Kalona, Iowa, conducted by Bishop S. C. Yoder after which the remains were taken to Iowa City and shipped to his old home near Cazenovia, Ill., which he left six years ago to make a new home for himself and family in Iowa. A service was conducted at Roanoke Church after which the remains were laid to rest in the Cemetery near by. 
The Body Reached Cazenovia Thursday and Funeral Was Held Friday, the body of the late Jacob Yotty, former resident of Cazenovia, who died at Kalona, Iowa, Monday of last week, reached Cazenovia Thursday morning and was taken to the home of the deceased's brother-in-law Peter Bachman. Funeral services were held at the residence at one o'clock Friday afternoon and the body was then taken to the Roanoke A.M. church where final services were held. Bishop Sam Garber was in charge of the services. There was a large attendance of former neighbors and friends at the services. The body was laid to rest in the cemetery near the church; his body was laid to rest beside the graves of his father and mother in the cemetery near Roanoke. 
A precious one from us is gone, 
A voice we loved is stilled, 
A place is vacant in our home 
Which never can be filled. 
God in his wisdom, recalled; 
The boon of love has given; 
And tho the body slumbers here, 
The soul is safe in Heaven.

Yotty, Joseph

      B. 11/27/1847 D. 04/11/1932

Smile, you never know when God is admiring his work.

Steve Slaughter's Holland Grove Cemetery, Washington Twp., Tazewell County, IL

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