Bequeaith, Cincinnati Twp., Tazewell County, IL


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This cemetery is very much in need of care as you can see from the tombstone photos below taken by Steve. There has been vandalizes, neglect, weeds growing, soon it will not be visible if nothing is done.

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courtesy of Tazewell Co Genealogical & Historical Society

Restoration Project of this cemetery --- click here for details

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First Views of

Bequeath Cemetery

Tombstones among weeds and

along cornfield. Watch it or the

corn will be soon growing over these

people lying here if something isn't done.

It's happened before. I know, Foxie!

John Bequeath

Born Nov 01, 1820

Died Sept 28, 1893

Elizabeth Bequeath

Born Jan 07, 1821

Died Feb 13, 1898

Melinda E. Eidamiller

Born Dec 10, 1858

Died Apr 11, 1896

Warren H. Bequeath

Thomas Bailey

Born Feb 28, 1808

Died Aug 07, 1850

Wife on same tombstone

Rachel Reed Bailey

Born Oct 12, 1812

Died Mar 13, 1850

Wife of Thos Bailey

Civil War

T. E. Stevens

Co E.

47th Ill Inf.


Nicholas Bequeath

Co B

38th Ill Inf


John Eidamuller

Born Jan 10, 1804

Died Sept 18, 1887

George F. Eidemiiller

Born Apr 14, 1861

Died May 18, 1882

Age 21yrs 1m 4dys

Lewis C. Bequeaith


Cora I. Bequeaith



Catherine wife of

William Preston

Died June 25, 1853

Aged 34yrs, 24ms, 26dys

Catherine wife of

William Preston

Died June 25, 1853

Aged 34yrs, 24ms, 26dys

photo at right is a negative view.


James L. Preston


Sarah J. Garrison

His wife


James Preston

Dec 16, 1828

Jan 31, 1906

Adaline Preston

His wife

Apr 08, 1842

Dec 25, 188o

Margret Clayton

April 13, 1793

April 16, 1895 Aged 92yrs

Unknown & been vandalized.

Slusher, J. L.

CO F 11 Ill Cav.

Stewart, W. B.

1866 - 1932

Stewart, T. E.

Pvt. CO E 47th Ill. Inf.

Hayes, John

CO C 148 Ill Inf.


Bequeaith, Joseph D March 18, 1839
Bequeaith, Elizabeth Conkle Wife of Joseph
Bequeaith, William died Jan 5, 1848
Bequeaith, John Nov 1, 1820 - Sep 28, 1893
Bequeaith, Elizabeth King Jan 7, 1821-Feb 13, 1898
Bequeaith, Warren H. Jan 22, 1898 - Apr 22, 1822
Bequeaith, Lewis C. Feb 2, 1866 - 1950
Bequeaith, Cora I. 1867 - 1937


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Civil War Veterans buried here information contributed by Steve Slaughter

J. L.Slusher ... Co. F, 11th IL Cav.

SLUSHER, John L --- Private --- enlisted: Peoria Co  on Dec 20, 1861

Discharged for disability on JAN 30, 1863

Enlisted at age 24 yrs --- Height 5'7" --- Black Hair --- Grey Eyes --- Light Complexion

Married --- Farmer in Tazewell County, IL .... Born in New York

LEVI STEWART ... Co. E, 47th IL Inf.

STEWART, Levi  --- Private --- enlisted Cincinnati Twp, Tazewell Co. on Aug 16, 1861

Died at Otterville, Mo., Dec 31, 1861

JAMES STEWART ... Co. F, 8th IL Inf.

STEWART, JAMES  --- Private --- enlisted Pekin, Tazewell Co on Jan. 4, 1864

Died 14 APR 1864

Enlisted at 18 yrs of age --- Height: 5' 2 1/2" --- Light Hair --- Grey Eyes --- Fair Complexion

Farmer in Spring Lake Twp. of Tazewell County

T.E. STEWART ... Co. E, 47th IL Inf.

STEWART, Thomas E. --- Private --- enlisted Peoria, IL on Aug 16, 1861

Mustered out Oct 11, 1864

Enlisted from Cincinnati Twp., Tazewell Co, IL  at 20 yrs of age

Height: 5'9" --- Brown Hair --- Grey Eyes --- Light Complexion --- Single

Born in  Muskingum Co., OH -- Farmer in Tazewell Co, IL


BEQUAETH, Nicholas  --- Private --- enlisterd Spring Lake, Tazewell Co  on Sep 26, 1861

Mustered out Sep 15, 1864 in  Chattanooga, TN. --- 3 year term expired

Registered with the Dept of the Army as: BEQUAETH, Nicholas

Born in Knox Co., OH - enlisted at age 38, Height: 5'81" - Brown Hair - Brown Eyes

Dark Complexion -- Married


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