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Below are photos my daughter Kate & I took while on a trip to Fort Massac for the 100th celebration of the George Rogers Clark Statue and dedication while in Metropolis, IL. On our way home which was Sunday, November 02, 2008, we had such a beautiful day we stopped at cemeteries along our route home. This was one of them. My most outstanding thing we found here were many many bases without their tops. to my amazement they had been put out to pasture with the cows. they are supposedly there for storage while the church is in the process of restoring this cemetery. And I mean they are literally put out to pasture. I got on the horn and a friend of mine, Marty Miller, went down to the church and asked them on Wednesday of this week. here is what they said:

> Foxie,
> I went to the St. John's cemetery this afternoon, did a walk through and took pictures. My fist observation was that a restoration project was started to recondition the cemetery. I did find stones that were behind the fence where you said they were. I call the pastor of St. John's Church and talked with him about the stones. He claims that the stone were so un-level that they had to be removed for safety reasons.

Foxie's observations on Sunday: There were no signs of any restoration project in process that Kate & could see. Nothing to indicate they would be putting stones back on their bases from the storage area of the cow pasture. and who in their right minds stores someone's precious stone in a cow pasture that is sunken into the ground. take a look at my photos below. Further more it took a great deal of strength to lift those stones from the ground and carry them from their original places and then to top it off over a fence and into a pasture.

> The church was concerned about them falling on people. The pastor also claimed they consulted with a attorney about removing the stones, but would not give information of what attorney or firm. Nothing was mentioned about any permits for the removals.
> I was told that someone started restoring the cemetery today and
that these stones will be put back on grave sites if they can remember
where all stones go.

I'm not sure of any wrong doing in this matter. If the  church obtained all permits to remove these stones and they are in the process of restoring the cemetery, I don't see what can be done
> here...Marty


You be the judge here. Also, many of them are written in a foreign language of which I have no idea if it's German or not but looks like it to me or could be Latin since it is a Lutheran church.

Here you can see where they are many bases in this part of the cemetery with no tops to them. You can also see the tree line behind them with a fence. The tops were thrown there and we found some of them there. I'm not sure how many are there you can also tell the stones are leaning many of them still & does that mean they will soon loose their tops to put out to pasture????? more on the next page.

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