Dr. John McCormick

The following information was assembled from various sources. The majority was compiled by Reba McCormick, a descendent of Dr. John through his eldest son James.

Dr. John was born c 1698, near Ballintoy, Antrim County Ireland (Ulster), He was descended from the McCormicks of Scotland, who settled for a period in Northern Ireland, and is thus considered of the Scots/Irish ethnic group. He was a medical graduate of the University of Dublin, and brought a large and valuable medical library to Frederick County, VA (now West Virginia). Dr. John was a staunch Presbyterian. He married Anne McFarren, probably 1729-1730. They emigrated from Ireland (date unknown) but were in America by 1740. Dr. John died in Frederick County Virginia in 1768.

His father was Captain John McCormick. He had a sister, Mildred Jennet McCormick, born c 1690 in Ireland. She married David Rankin, who was born c. 1691 in Northern Ireland. They were married in Raphoe Parish in either County Donegal or County Antrim, Northern Ireland, in 1718, and they emigrated to America probably a little before her brother Dr. John. Their son David Rankin Jr. was born in Northern Ireland in 1726, and their son Hugh Rankin was born in Frederick County Virginia about 1728. They also settled in Frederick County Virginia.

Dr. John bought a tract of land on the Bullskin. This was then Orange Co., later became Frederick, Berkeley, and now Jefferson Co., West Virginia. This land was surveyed by George Washington, with James McCormick, eldest son of Dr. John, being the chain bearer. It is said that this was Washington's first survey. The deed is hand written by George Washington, and was signed by him. It is now in Williamsburg, Va.

Dr. John erected a stone dwelling on this land across the road from the headwaters of the Bullskin. This home is now a landmark and is in very good condition. Dr. John's land was surrounded by that of the Washington Family, including that of the "Father of our Country". They were personal friends, and also had several business transactions.

James McCormick served with George Washington in 1754 at Great Meadows. George Washington built Fort Necessity at the "Great Meadows". This battle in 1754 marked the beginning of the French & Indian war. For this service, James McCormick was given land in what came to be known as the Savage Land Grant. Following is information pieced together by Rootsweb.com on the Savage Land Grant:

A very important date in the settlement of the Tri-State area happened in December 1772 when King George III granted some 27,600+ acres of land to soldiers of the French and Indian War. Taking information from several newspaper articles, we present the Savage Land Grant.

In an effort to recruit men for the Virginia Regiment of the British Army, Governor Dinwiddie of Virginia in 1754 proposed that some 200,000 acres of wilderness lands be distributed to any soldier that would serve. At the time Lieutenant George Washington along with Colonel Joshua Fry were serving. Colonel Fry died 31 May 1754 from injuries when he was thrown from his horse and George Washington succeeded him as Colonel of this Regiment. One of the soldiers under Washington was John Savage. He would later be known as Captain John Savage. Following the battle of Great Meadows and the war's end, Governor Dinwiddie, on behalf of the British Crown, made a grant of 27,600+ acres of land to John Savage and 59 (or 60) other soldiers. This transaction has since been referred to as the Savage Land Grant.

The boundary of this land was along the Ohio River on the Virginia (now West Virginia) from the mouth of Catletts Creek (Catlettsburg, Kentucky), past the mouth of the Big Sandy River to a point above 9 mile (Greenbottom) and up both sides of the Big Sandy River to the Forks (Fort Gay, West Virginia and Louis, Kentucky). ..

The land between Twelve Pole and Four Pole Creeks (Lots 32, 33 & 34) was assigned to James McCormick. Mr. McCormick was not the original grantee but this land remained in the McCormick family for several generations. This land today includes what we now know as Westmoreland. The McCormicks sold most of Westmoreland to Samuel Sperry Vinson and from him we have such names as Vinson Memorial Christian Church and Vinson High School (now Vinson Middle School).

Sources for this article:

1. Wayne County News, 12/22/1922, "Land in This County Was Granted by English King"

2. Carter County, Kentucky, Journal Enquirer, 1/23/1949 - "Captain John Savage Never Settled on His Grant"

3. Various Wayne County News articles by Byron Morris's "Out of the Past" column

Reprinted in the KYOWVA Newsletter, Volume XXVI, No. 1, Spring 2003 Edition, pp. 6-7

Augusta Court Record. Following receipt--Received Winchester, 9th January, 1801, of Mr. Chas. Morgan, two indentures for soldiers' rights to land on the Ohio and Sandy, a part of 28,627 allotted to the officers and men who served under Gen.

Geo. Washington in the campaign of 1754, one dated 15th September, 1770, from Christopher Bumgardner to James McCormick and assigned to said Morgan; the other from John Hustown to said McCormick, assigned as aforesaid, to be filed in the suit now depending in the High Court of Chancery for a division. Henry Holmes.



He is on the hand written list compiled by George Washington himself. Also, George Washington noted in his diary dated 22 Sept. 1770, "James McCormick came here last night and returned today."

In the ledger "A" George Washington notes the following:

1764 GEORGE WASHINGTON paid 1/6 for "smiths work"

1764-1765 JAMES MCCORMICK To James McCormick on his account for wages, 3 lb. 4 shillings, 6 d, and 2 lbs., 3 shillings, for use of his wagon transporting tobacco. On 19 Oct. 1765 paid James McCormick 3/6.

1764 JOHN MCCORMICK Paid Dr. John McCormick 4 pounds for attending four negro servants.

1765 May 29, WILLIAM MCCORMICK paid for hemp purchased. (William McCormick was a pack horse trader and a son of Dr. John above.)

George Washington later sued James McCormick and David Kennedy in Berkeley Co. on a writ of Replevin. Court found for Washington. This has the distinction of being the only court record in Berkeley Co. Va. on George Washington.

Note: A Joseph McCormick had a land grant in Frederick Co. Va. 1755. He removed to Cumberland Co. Pa. in the area that later became Franklin Co. He was possibly a brother to Dr. John and Patrick may have been his son. Joseph died in 1782 in then Cumberland Co. Pa.

The children of Dr. John and Ann McCormick were as follows:

I. James McCormick, born c. 1730 in Ireland. He died in Berkeley Co. Va. April 1803. Married Mrs. Mercy Lupton Haynes, widow of Joshua Haynes, 1754 in Frederick Co. Va. Mercy had three children by Joshua Haynes: 1 Mary m Daniel Collett, 2 Grace, died at age 20, Joshua Haynes who died 1774 about age 20.

Children of James and Mercy McCormick:

1. Moses b 1758 married Elizabeth Evans in Berkeley Co. Va. Moses died before June 1832 in Jefferson Co. Va. He moved to Cabell Co. Va. After 1810, before 1820. He lived in Cabell Co. until after 1830. Moses inherited from his father James the lands given to James for his services in the Indian Wars. (James divided the lands on the Ohio among his children and most of them moved to Cabell Co. before 1820.) Moses evidently lost his family in Cabell Co. as they are not mentioned in his will.

2. Sarah died unmarried in Cabell Co. Va. in 1821.

3. Rachel married Samuel Lockhart 3-5-1798 in Elizabethtown (now Hagerstown) Maryland.

4. Elizabeth married her cousin John McCormick, son of Francis McCormick, 8-10-1794 at a Lutheran Church in Hagerstown, MD.

5. Mercy m Thomas Griggs

6. Jane m James Bennett in Berkeley Co. Va. Her son Joshua of Ohio was left a legacy by Moses in 1830. By 1832 Joshua Bennett was deceased and his 8 children received his share.

7. James (Jr.) born 1768 Frederick Co. Va. Died 1841 in Clarke Co Va. He married Jemima Violett in Frederick Co. Va. James moved to Cabell Co. Va, but returned to Clarke Co Va. by 1830. Jemima evidently died in Cabell Co, and James did remarry. I can find no name for her as he does not name her in his will nor is her name on the deeds when his land was sold.

8. Joshua born probably after the death of his half brother Joshua Haynes in 1774. Believe Joshua married Mary __?____ in Frederick Co. Va. Joshua moved to Clark Co. Indiana before 1820. Census of Indiana of 1820 shows Joshua McCormick of Clark Co. Indiana. Joshua died before 1850 in Clark Co. Indiana. His widow Mary McCormick at age 75 was living with Charles and Isabella in Clark Co. Indiana.

Note: Charles and Moses, sons of James Jr. and Jemima Violett evidently went to Clark Co. Indiana with their uncle Joshua. Charles married his cousin Isabella McCormick, daughter of Joshua and Mary McCormick in Clark Co. Indiana on July 26, 1823. See 8. above. The Old Salem Cemetery (Salem Methodist Church) of Charlestown Twp, Clark Co Indiana, is the final resting place for many.

II Francis McCormick b 17 April 1734 in Ireland, died July 1794 Frederick Co. Va. His first marriage was to Ann Province, daughter of Thomas ?. Children were;

1. Province b ? died 3 March 1826 in Frederick Co. Va. He married Mazy Davenport, daughter of Col Abraham Davenport.

2. Thomas b ? died Oct. 1816 at Wee Hau , married Ann Frost.

3. Samuel b ? died June 1823, married Margaret Hampton

4. Francis Jr. b 1764 Frederick Co. Va., died 1840 in Salem, Hamilton Co. Ohio. Married Rebecca Easton in Frederick Co. Va. Francis served as a Chaplain in the Revolutionary War. He was converted to the Methodist Faith in Charles Town, Va. He became a Minister and traveled into Ohio preaching against slavery. Francis Jr. moved to Adams Co. Pa before 1800 and lived there many years.

5. John b ? died before 1817 in Frederick Co. Va. He married his cousin Elizabeth McCormick, daughter of James and Mercy, 8-10-1794 at a Lutheran Church in Hagerstown, MD. They had issue (names unknown). After John's death, Elizabeth got married again, to James Cox, possibly in Cabell Co., after 1820.

6. William b ? died 29 July 1824. Married first wife Elizabeth Rice, 10 Jan. 1795 in Frederick Co. Va. His second wife was Mary McDonald.

Francis second marriage was to Frances Frost. Their issue:

1. George b 17 March 1778, d 25 March 1846. He married Harriet Jones Mitchell 18 October 1810.

2. Isaac b ? d 1817 Frederick Co. Va.

3. James b Sept. 1780, d in Indiana. Married Charlotte Livingston in Berkeley Co. Va. Removed to Bedford Co. Pa.

4. Ann b ? d ? She was raised by her Uncle James McCormick after the death of her mother Frances Frost McCormick. She married __?__ Cockrill.

III John McCormick Jr. b 1735 Ireland, d 1817 in Shelby Co. Ky. He married Ann Redmond in Frederick Co. Va., and moved to Shelby Co. Ky after 1795. Their children were:

1. William b ? d ?. Married Nancy Morton in Shelby Co. Ky 14 July 1796.

2. Ann b ? d ?. She married Jonathan Wright in Berkeley Co. Va. 13 Dec. 1780. She moved to Shelby Co. Va.

3. John b ? d ?. Married Jane Todd 12 March 1804 in Shelby Co. Ky.

4. Richard b ? d ?. Married Sally Gwin 13 Aug. 1816.

5. Sally b ? d ?. Married Andrew Holmes Aug. 1810.

6. George b ? d ?.

7. Nancy b ? d ?. Married Preston Owen.

8. Susannah b ? d ?. Married James Figg Jr.

Submitted by: William R. McCormick < william.mccormick@juno.com >

The first immigrant was Dr. John Issac McCormick. His property can be seen at this web site: WhiteHouse Farm. The earliest available record is a Donough McCormick, born in 1420 in Scotland.