Clark County Blacks in the Freedman’s Bank Records                                         

Abstracted by Jeanne Burke


The Freedman’s Bureau was created by the Lincoln administration as part of the process of Reconstruction in the post-Civil War period.  The Freedman’s Bank was a division of the Freedman’s Bureau and was established to help free blacks control their money. 


One branch of the Freedman’s Bank was in Louisville, Kentucky, across the Ohio River from Jeffersonville, Indiana.  The names below were abstracted from the records of this bank.

The information given in these records includes the name of the account holder, the date the account was initiated, the name of the old master/mistress, physical description, marital status, name of spouse, names of children, place of birth, current residence.  Not all information is available for each depositor.


The letters U.S.C.T. and U.S.C.I. refer to United States Colored Troops or Infantry.

Information between brackets [  ] is from Civil War Service records.


Green, Betsy  Dec. 6, 1866  Master: James Green.  Height: 5’ 2”.  Complexion: dark.

                       Widow of Pompey [Green].  Children: Kenny, Charlie, John, Betsey, Ann,

                        and etc.  Born: Virginia.  Residence: Jeffersonville, Indiana.  Occupation:

                        washerwoman.  Mother of Abraham Green, Co. F, 107th U.S. C. T.,



Thornton, Philip  Dec. 6, 1866  Master: Walker Thornton.  Height: 5’ 6 1/2”. 

                       Complexion: black. Wife: Ellen.  Children: Maria Ann, Milly, Frona?

                       Born: Bourbon Co., Kentucky.  Residence: Jeffersonville, Indiana.

                       Co. D,  U.S.C.T. 


Iglan, Leo       Dec. 7, 1866  Master:  Benedict Iglan.  5’__” .  Complexion: dark.

                       Married?  Children: Betsey Thornton.   Born Marin? Mason? Co.,

                       Kentucky.  Residence: Jeffersonville, Indiana.  Co. D, 107th U.S.C.T.


Boarman, Charles    Dec. 4, 1866  Mistress: Josephine Boarman.  Height: 5’ 6”.

                       Complexion: brown. Scar on nose.  Father: Harrison/Hanson Boarman. 

                       Born: Hardin Co., Kentucky.  Residence: Jeffersonville, Indiana.

                       Co. F, U.S.C.T. [widow: Anis Boarman]


Boarman, Wesley   Dec.15, 1866  Master: James Boarman.  Height: 5’ 5”.  Complexion:

                       Dark. Father: Hanson Boarman.  Born: Hardin Co., Kentucky.  Residence:

                       Jeffersonville, Indiana.  Co. C, 107th U.S.C.T.


Boarman, George  Dec. 15, 1866  Master: Sylvester Boarman.  Height: 5’ 5”. 

                       Complexion: dark.  Father: Hanson Boarman.  Born: Hardin Co.,

                        Kentucky.  Residence: Jeffersonville, Indiana.  Co. F, U.S.C.T.


Boarman, Cornelius  (transferred from Washington) Nov. 19, 1866  Master: Sylvester

                                   Boarman.  Height: 5’ 6”.  Complexion: dark.  Father: Hanson

                                   Boarman.  Born: Hardin Co., Kentucky.  Residence: Jeffersonville,

                                   Indiana.  Co. F,  U.S.C.T.


Buckles, Anthony      (transferred) Nov. 19, 1866  Master: Alfred Buckles.  Height: 5’ 4”.

                                   Complexion: brown.  Father: Hanson Boarman.  Born: Hardin Co.,

                                   Kentucky.  Residence: Jeffersonville, Indiana.  [widow: Caroline]

                                   Co. F, 107th  U.S.C.T.


Van Meter, Thruston  Feb. 8, 1867  Master: Benjamin Van Meter. Height” 5’ 10”. 

                                   Complexion: dark.  Single. Born: Clark Co., Kentucky.  Residence:

                                    Jeffersonville, Indiana.  Co. A, 116th  U.S.C.I.


Sanders, King             Mar. 18, 1867  Mother: Polly Sanders. Residence: Jeffersonville,

                                    Indiana.  Co. D, U.S.C.T.


Claybrook, J. W.         Mar. 28, 1867  Master: J. R. Claybrook.  Height: 5’ 6”. 

                                    Complexion: light.  Wife: Emma. Born: Washington Co.,

                                    Kentucky.  Residence: Charlestown, Indiana.  Co. C, U.S.C.T.


Kellis, Preston             Mar. 15, 1867 [no further in formation in bank record.  Civil War

                                     Pension record says Co. A, 117th  U.S.C.T.]


Merriwether, George   May 13, 1867  Master: Allen Barnett.  Height: 5’ 6”.  Complexion:

                                     brown.  Born: Shelby Co., Kentucky.  Residence: Charlestown,

                                     Indiana.  Co. D, 116th  U.S.C. I.


Beckley, Solomon        June 17, 1867  Master: Jacob Meyer.  Height: 5’ 7”.  Complexion:

                                     Dark.  Wife: Lomida.  Children: Martha Ann.  Born: Harrodsburg,

                                     Kentucky. Residence: Jeffersonville, Indiana.  Co. D, 118th 



Young, Robert              Nov. 29, 1867   Master: N. Young.  Height: 5’ 6”.  Complexion:

                                     brown. Wife: Susan.  Children: 4.  Born: Louisiana.  Residence:

                                     Memphis, Clark Co., Indiana.  Occupation: Farmer. Co. C, 118th



Taylor, William            Sept. 14, 1872   Father: Ben Taylor (dead).  Age: 31. Complexion:

                                      Brown.  Mother: Hannah.  Brothers: 2.  Born: Boyle Co.,

                                      Kentucky.  Brought up in Boyle and Washington Cos., KY.

                                      Residence: Clark Co., Indiana.  Occupation: Farmer, works for



Carter, Emily                 Jan. 17, 1873   Deposit made by Sanna/Hanna? Smith for Miss

                                      Carter.  Residence: Jeffersonville, Indiana.


Hardin, Jerry                 Apr. 1, 1873   Age: 39. Complexion: lt. Brown. Wife: Hallie. 

                                      Father: Isaac Hardin.  Mother: Melvina?  Brothers: 3. Sisters:5.

                                      Born: Shelby Co., Kentucky.  Occupation: Farmer, works for

                                      Dr. Sabine. Residence: 3 miles back of Jeffersonville, Indiana.

                                      My brother, George Hardin to have my money.


Yentes, Henry               Oct. 27, 1873   Age: 22. Mother: Sarah Yentes dead.  Father: don’t

                                      Know.  Complexion: mulatto.  Born: Missouri.  Brought up in

                                      Missouri and Kentucky.  Residence: Jeffersonville, Indiana.

                                      Occupation: laborer, works for self.  Brother: 1, Allen.  Sister:

                                      Ellen Hocker, to have my money.


Harden, Isaac                Apr. 18, 1874  Born: Shelbyville, Shelby Co., Kentucky.  Brought

                                      up: Clark County, Indiana. Age: 20.  Single. Occupation: driver

                                      coal cart for Armstrong and Co.  Complexion: dark brown. Father:

                                      Isaac, dead.  Mother: Luvina Harden.  Brothers: 3. Sisters: 4.

                                      Berryman, George, Jerry, Rose Ann Duen?, America Bradshaw,

                                      Jane Bisham, Mary Lemire?


Bland, Emaline             May 4, 1874  Born: Jeffersonville, Indiana.  Brought up

                                      Louisville, Kentucky.  Age: 24.  Complexion: mulatto.

                                      Occupation: washing, works for herself.  Husband:

                                      Harvey Bland.  Children: Luvenia, Jennie, Hattie.

                                      Father, Mother, Brothers & Sisters: all dead.

                                      Residence: between West and 11th.   

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