Jeffersonville IN High School Yearbooks
Notice to Yearbook Researchers

All of the names on this site were taken from a collection of old yearbooks. In searching through the books, I find no copyright claims. As I understand it, there were no copyright laws in effect at the time of these being published.

These yearbooks are pretty much like the yearbooks of today, with a lot of the same information. I am providing a list of names only, as it is my goal to give you a lead, not to waste time typing information that would not be of interest to most researchers. If you would like more information such as the activities of these students, I can look that up for you. There are also sports teams, with the team members' listed, and different clubs and their members. There are also the businesses that sponsored the book. I will try to provide you with everything I can find on your particular inquiry.

All years are not in the collection that I have. Some years will be skipped. The collection starts with 1927 and goes through 1948. I hope that you find this information helpful in your research.

If anyone has more yearbooks to fill in the missing years, I would be glad to put those online also. You can contact me by email.

Pat Durham McRae

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