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(Note: These names and dates have been found in various documents -- they are not PROVEN here. This is only a GUIDELINE for helping you locate these in the county Marriage Records. If source of where this was obtained is known, the source is noted at the side. If this is a true reading of the actual county Marriage Records, it will be noted as such along with the volume, page, etc. -- these notes will be next to entry or just below it.)
   Name                    Name                        Marriage Date    Source/Ref#   

SLOAN, Rebecca Ann        WEATHERS, Alonzo Worth        Sep 01 1869       Terry Book

TERRY, Marquis Mayfield   WEATHERS, Mary Ellen          Dec 12 1897       Terry Book

WEATHERS, Alonzo Worth    SLOAN, Rebecca Ann            Sep 01 1869       Terry Book

WEATHERS, Mary Ellen      TERRY, Marquis Mayfield       Dec 12 1897       Terry Book

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Terry Book - by Lula Elliott Terry

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