Last Will and Testament of Thomas Lynch, Sr.

This was submitted by Joy Mattli

I, Thomas Lynch Sr. of the County of Crawford and State of Indiana do make and 
publish this my last will and testament hereby revoking and making void all former 
wills by me at any time heretorfore made. After all my just debts and funeral expenses 
be paid then I dispose of my estate as follows: First, I desire that my wife Elizabeth 
shal have and hold full poseession and right of all my property both real and 
personal during her natural life. I desire also that she not trafic or trade any part 
thereof out of her possession.And at her death my desire is that all my land and 
the improvements thereon shal be given to my three youngest sons as follows, the 
East half of my farm known by the name of the Grant farm dividing said farm North 
and Southto belong to my son Thomas and the West half to belong to my son Joseph, 
and the farm that I now live on to belong to my son Jeremiah, and that all the residue of 
the estate to be equally divided amongst the rest of my children, but!
not any of the said residue to belong tothe above named sons. and further I now appoint 
and hereby ordain John lang my executor. Thomas Lyntch SR
Signed sealed and published and delivered by the within testator Thomas Lynch as his 
last will and testament in the presence of us who have hereunto subscribed our names 
as witnesses thereto in the presence of the said testator and in the presence of each other.

                                           Oliver W Miller
                                          John Lang
The State of Indiana, Crawford County ss

Oliver W Millerof the Count of Harrison and State of Indiana came personally before me 
the clerkof the Probate Court of said County of Crawford who afte being by me duly sworn 
on oath and depose and say that the above and foregoing instrument of writing was 
executed and signed by him (the said deponent) for the said testator Thomas Lyntch 
Sr at the request of him the said Lynch on the 26th day of March A.D. 1852 and that 
the said Thomas Lyntch Sr did then publish and declare the foregoing instrument in writing 
as his last will and testament in the presence of the deponent and other subscribing 
witness to said will. That said Thomas Lynch Sr was at the time thereof over the age of 
21 years of sound disposing mind and memory and not unde any coercion or restraint as 
he believes, that he is subscribing his name as witness thereto in the presence and at the 
request of the testatot and in the presence of said John Lang. 

Oliver W Miller

SEAL In testimony whereof I C.W.Kindle clerk of the 
Probate Court of Crawford County hereunto set my 
hand and seal of said court at Leavenworth this 
19th day of April 1851. C.W.Kindle clk P.C.C.C.

2005, Dee Pavey, Crawford Co., IN Genealogy