Bethel Cemetery
Floyd County, Indiana
Located on Bethel-Freiberger Road in Lafayette Township

Photos by Sue Pearson Carpenter

[A bullet before the name means that a picture has been made of the stone.
I did not link all of the footstones since they only had initials on them, as the
inscription was usually not visible in the picture. Therefore, no bullet means it is not a link.]

  • View of Bethel Cemetery

    A. A.

  • G. A. - small stone

    G. A. (there are three of them)

  • G. A. or G. R.
    (small stone with rounded top)

  • G. J. A.

    H. A.

  • I. A.

  • J. A. - small stone

    J. H. A.

    M. E. A.

    M. J. A.

    N. A.

    P. L. A.
    small stone

    T. A.

  • V. C. A. (small stone)

  • Ada M.
    Daut. of M & S. Atkins

  • Carrol L.
    Son of C. E. & A. K. Atkins

  • Catherine A.
    Daut. of C. E. & A. K. Atkins

  • Atkins, Charles V.
    Ind. PFC
    Co. C. 911 TD BN
    WW II

  • ATKINS, Clarence E.
    Anna K.


  • Frances M. Atkins

  • George J.
    Son of M. & S. Atkins

  • Gideon Atkins

  • Gideon Atkins Family Stone

  • Gideon Atkins
    Inscription on Family Stone

  • Harrison, Son of M. & S. Atkins

  • Atkins, Henry A.

  • Henry J.Atkins

  • Isabella
    Wife of E. F.Atkins

  • John H. Atkins Family Stone
    Temperance His Wife
    Martha J., Daut of J. H. and T.
    inscription on family stone

  • John H. Atkins Family Stone
    Martha E.
    John H.
    inscription on family stone

    John H. Atkins Family Stone
    Martha E. and Henry J.

  • ATKINS, Joseph R. and May (Herman)

  • Joseph Atkins
  • Inscription

    Lawson M.
    Sophia His wife

    Lettie S.
    Sherman W.

  • back of stone

  • Mahala Atkins
    Inscription on family stone

  • ATKINS - Mary, Edward O., Elmer

  • Nancy Atkins

  • Perry L.
    Son of E. F. & B. Atkins

  • Virgil C.
    Son of C. E. & A. K. Atkins

  • William A. Atkins

  • Hannar Baker [Hannah Ferrell Baker]

  • Ellen (McCutchen) Beyl

  • Floren Cleon Beyl

  • BOTT
    Kate and Tony [aka Anton]

    Junior F.
    Margaret K.

  • G. D. - next to Dimner stone

    R. D. - small stone

  • George Dimner

  • Richard Dunn

  • Elizabeth Emmons

  • John Emmons

  • EMMONS, Lloyd and E. Mae

  • A. F (left) T. F. (right)
    footstones for Thomas and Anna Ferrell

  • W. M. F.?
    [small stone appers to be footstone]

  • Anna Wife of T. Ferrel - Inscription on family stone
    same stone as Thomas Ferrell

  • Ferrell, John W.

  • Ferrel Family Stone
    Thomas and Anna

  • Ferrell, Thomas - inscription on family stone
    same stone as Anna

  • Barbara Goodhue

  • Joyce D. Gore

  • Laura Stroud Grant

  • Carol Wiggins Green

  • B.
    small broken stone that read B. J. H. in earlier days

  • C. H.
    small stone with flat top

  • C. H.
    small stone with rounded top

  • C. H. H.
    small stone with rounded top

    G. H. (small stone)

  • M. H.
    small stone with flat top

  • P. H.
    small stone with rounded top

  • Catherine
    Wife of Peter Haller

  • Christiana
    Daut. of Peter & Martha Haller

  • Christopher
    Son of Peter & Martha Haller

  • Martha, Wife of Peter Haller

  • Peter Haller

    Harriet and Henry

    James T.

  • Martha M. Herman

  • Elizabeth Hesse

  • George Hesse

  • John Hesse

  • Peter Hesse, Jr.

  • James T. Hinds
    [on Sutherland Lot]

  • Brilby
    Consort of Sarah A. Hollis
    his big stone

  • Sarah A. Hollis
    Robert T. Hollis

    Erma B. & Elige

  • E. K.
    small stone

  • Elizabeth Kaiser

  • KOHLELR, John H.
    Margaret His wife

    Small stone

    G. M. L.
    small stone

    J. L.

    M. A. L.

  • S. B. L.
    small stone

  • T. J.L.
    small stone

  • LAMB, Katie E. and Clarence M.Clarence and Katie

  • Amos Lang
    Co. A, 12 Ind. Inf.

  • Elizabeth
    Wife of S. B. Lang

  • Frank Lang Family Stone
    Inscription for Frank Lang and Robert F. son of F. & M. A. Lang
    [Julietta, Thomas J., George M. also listed on this stone]
    Julietta is not buried in this cemetery]

  • Mary A. Wife of F. Lang
    inscription on Frank Lang family stone

  • Robert F.
    Son of F. & M. A. Lang

  • Stanbury B. Lang
    Elizabeth Wife of S. B. on same stone

  • Wm. M. McCutchen

  • MEUNIER, Martha A. and A. J.

  • F. A. Meyer Jr.
    (His old stone)

  • Meyer Family Stone
    Frank A.
    Viola R.
    Frank A., Jr.
    Donald E. Pierce

  • Frank A. Meyer
    PFC US Army
    World War II

  • Henry Mitchell
    Barbara His Wife

  • NANCE Stone
    Mary A. Nance
    Mahala F. Scott

  • NATION, James H. and Rachel R.

  • Donald E. Pierce
    same stone as
    Frank A. Meyer, Jr.
    Frank A. Meyer
    Viola R. Meyer

  • Frankie D. Pierce
    "Beloved Father"

  • E. R.
    [footstone for Emily Ritchie]

  • G. R. or G. A.
    (small stone)

  • G. R.
    small stone with flat top

  • W. R.
    (there are two identical small stones, one is chipped)

  • Albert Andrew Redden
    PFC 3815 QM GAS SUP CO

  • Ada M., Daut. of D. & M. E. Reese

  • George Reese

  • Vera Mae Reyer

  • Emily Ritchie

  • ROBERSON Stone

  • William Rossman
    Son of Wm. and Elizabeth

  • Wm. Rossman
    [Husband of Elizabeth]

    S - cornerstone

    S - another cornerstone

    E. S.
    small stone

  • S. S.
    [footstone for
    Sarah (Lang) Stewart/Stuart]

  • W. M. S. - small stone

  • Lawrence Sarles

  • Mahala F. Scott
    [on Nance Stone]

    B. Ellen and Larry

  • Slab - What is the purpose of this big slab?

  • Smith, Dora A. Lang

    Jacob R. and Elizabeth M.

  • John W. "Jack" Smith
    funeral home marker, no stone

    Thomas J. and Rena M.

  • space between Hoskins and Goodhue stones

    Dorothy M. and Edgar R.

  • Ida T. and Eliza E.
    Children of L. & N. J. Sperzel

  • David W. Stark
    SP4 US Army

  • James S. Stark

  • Ruby M. Stark

  • Asbery and Katie Stone -2 views same stone
  • 2

  • Elizabeth Wife of L. Stone

  • Frank Stone
    Funeral Home Marker

  • Gennetia E.
    Daughter of L. & E. Stone

  • STROUD - Barbara and Ernest

  • Charles E. Stroud

  • Ray T. Stroud

  • Sarah Stuart
    [Infant of Robert F. and Sarah (Lang)]

  • Sarah
    Wife of R. F. Stuart

  • SUTHERLAND, Calvin

  • Etta Mae Stone Turner

  • C. W.
    small stone
    next to Catharine Wolfe

  • M. W.
    small broken stone

  • M. J. W.
    [footstone for Mary J. Williamson]

    U. W.
    small stone

  • Mary Jane Williamson

  • Martin M. Wolf

  • Mary Ann Wolf

  • Catharine
    Wife of Mathias Wolfe

  • Mathias - son of M & C Wolfe

  • Urban Wolfe


  • Unknown
    marked by rock
    [on first row]

  • Unknown
    small stone next to Frank Meyer's Military marker

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