Buttontown Cemetery,
Greenville Township, Floyd County, Indiana

Photos by Nancy Lee Garcia
[A work in progress]

  • View of Buttontown Cemetery, corner of Old Vincennes Road

  • Brown, Mary, Wife of William

  • Brown, Mary, Wife of Wm. M.

  • Brown, William - Died 1906

  • Engleman, Augustus and Nancy Jane (Nancy's great-grandparents) Buttontown Cemetery

  • Engleman,Daughters - Dec 31, 1899 and Son, 1893, Jan. 7, 1900 [?] Children of W. M. & S. E. Engleman

  • Engleman, Enoch

  • Engleman, Fannie and Oscar

  • Engleman, Helen Bernice (Orin & Gertrude's little girl) Buttontown Cemetery

  • Engleman - Helen Bernice (grandparents and Helens') in Buttontown Cemetery

  • Engleman,Sarah

  • Engleman, Nancy [need picture]

  • Martin, Madison and Nancy - Front of Stone

  • Martin, Madison & Nancy - List of children, on back side of stone
    Christena A.
    Nancy J.
    Sarah G.
    Mary E.
    Martha E.
    Eliza G.

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