Chapel Hill Cemetery, Floyd County, Indiana

Photos by Stephen W. Pearce
[A work in progress]

Bell, Lillie E. and Elias J.

Coffman, Grace E. and John E.

Goss, James M. - Family Stone

Goss, James M., - Inscription on family stone

Goss, Melinda - Inscription on family stone

Goss, Percy J. and Mabel C.

McKinley, Virgil, Garlaand, and Emma H.

Miller, Bell

  • Roerk, Ethel and Thomas

    Sarles, Donna L.

    Sarles, Elihu and Jessie

    Sarles, Perry W.

    Scott, Dorcas

    Scott, George M.

    Scott, Jennie S.

    Scott, Wesley J.

    Scott, William E.


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