Galena Cemetery
Floyd County, Indiana

Photos by Sue Pearson Carpenter
[A work in progress]

A - Tall cornerstone in old part of cemetery

Ables, Claude Dewey and Flo Ann (Blackburn)

Ammons, Carl and Edith Virginia (Ashby)

Ammons, Terry

Anderson, Joy Lynn

Ashby, Amy

Ashby, James and Laura

Ashby, Joseph & Elizabeth

Ashby, Oriena Daisey

Ashby, Willie Sherman

Athon, Rachel J.

Baker, Mary wife of Theobold

Ballew, Dorothy Marie nee Riley
(Paul Epperson's mother)
Stone is in newest section of cemetery.

Barnes, Joyce Ann

Bates, Mary Jane

Blackman, James

Blackman, James & Mary

Blackman, Mary E.

Blasdel, Charles Lt. Col. and Marion (Lechti)

Blasdel, Charles
Lt. Col. US Army

Blasdel, Edna and Harmon

Blasdel, Lloyd and Bonnie

Blasdel, Lloyd

Bottorff, Harry B. and Rilla Irene (Blunk)

Bott, Ella and Otto

Bott, Howard

Bottorff, Myron and Martha

Boyd, Lewis G.

Boyd, N. F. "Frances"

Boyd - Lucy, N. F. "Frances
H. S. "Seymour"

Boyd, Lucy

Boyd Obituaries

Brown, Amy Tompkins

Brown, Infant
next to roadway on south side

Brown, Lawrence and Ada

Bruder, John H.

Brummett, Earl Maxwell

Burton, John and Virginia

Buss, A. J.

Buss, George and Peninnah

John G. and Barbara Buss

Buss, Henry

Buss, Jane

Campbell, Julia

Campbell, Starling R.
Carrie (Ray)

Carrington, Claude

Clark, Frances Maud

Clark, Jesse & Fannie1

Clark, Jess and Fannie2

Clark, John d 1854

Clark, John d 1854
picture made before pine tree fell

  • John W. Clark
    Born Mar. 19, 1821
    Died Mar. 1, 1891

  • Clark, John W. and Rebecca M.;
    unable to photograph inscription
    as stone had fallen

    Clark, Rebecca - Inscription
    Stone has fallen over

    Clark, Rebecca
    d 1858

    Clark, William and Mary E.

    Coffman, Charles & Frances

    Coffman, Charles A. and Freda R.

    Coffman, Henry - Inscription

    Coffman, Henry & Sarah - Family Stone

    Coffman, Sarah - inscription

    Coleman, Harry Ray

    Collins, Esther Faber

    Conrad, Esther (Faber)

    Cooke, Clark and Stella

    Coon, Fannie & Edward

    Coon, Maud

    Coon, Mary B.

    Cottrell, Norm and Nancy E. (Wolfe)

    Crook, Joseph
    Family stone

    Crook, Joseph & Mary (inscription)

    Crowley, Arkie O.

    Davidson, Nettie (Scott)

    Davis, Charles P. and Mary Lorena

    Davis, Sarah & William & Charlie

    Davis, Rebecca, "Wife of J. Davis"

    Dean, Daniel S.

    Dean, Sarah F. (Lee) (and Daniel)

    Dempster, Arthur

    Dempster, Charles W.

    Dempster, Hattie

    Dempster, Edward

    Dempster, John and Laura

    Devine, Samuel - Military

    Devine, Samuel and Etta (McKinley)

    Dodd, Alice

    Dodd, Samuel and Mary

    Dodd, Herman M.

    Dodd, Infant Son

    Dodd, Joseph B., Herman M. and Infant Son

    Dodd, Nancy

    Dodd, Oliver B. and Kate (Barth)

    Dodd, Samuel

    Dohoney, Dewey and Idella
    Our Hearts - Memorial marker
    Our Memory - Memorial marker

    Dooley, James, and Isola (Elliott)

    Dooley, Russell and Isola

    Dukes, Charles P.

    Dukes, Gertrude

    Duncan, Carlos and Edith

    Duncan, Tolbert

    Duvall, Helen (Pectol)

    Eaton, Family Stone and "Lucetta"

    Eaton - Top from James Eaton family stone

    Eaton, Almina - died abt 1881, no stone or inscription located

    Eaton, James

    Eaton, Lucetta

    Ebelsisor, Hattie
    another view of Hattie's stone

    Ebelsisor, Mary

    Ebelsisor, Mary & Hattie

    Edgerton, James

    Edgerton, Martha - Inscription

    Edgerton, Mattie

    Elliott, Charles E. and Carrie E.

    Elliott, Jesse

    Elwanger, Roy C. and Leona

    Elzy, John and Lana (Fenwick)

    Engleman, James M. and Mary A.

    Engleman, Harry M. "Our Father"

    Engleman, Lillie

    Engleman, Louis M. - "Husband"

    Engleman, Dr. Louis P.

    Engleman, Louisa Burke

    Engleman, Nellie May

    Enochs, Clemons

    Enochs, Joseph - Plot

    Enochs, Joseph W.

    Enochs, Minnie - marker now buried

    Enochs, Mildred and Marcus

    Enochs, Ruth

    Enochs, Theresa

    Enochs, Theresa

    Faber, Anna V.

    Faber, Conrad A.

    Faber Plot

    Fallen tree N. of church

    Featheringill, Bernard

    Featheringill, John Tompkins

    Featheringill, Margaret Tompkins

    Featheringill, Meredith

    Fenwick, Clyde and Elsie

    Fenwick, George and Edith (Lang)

    Fertig, William and Essia (Clark)

    Fertig, Roy and Victor

    Fetz, Ruthine NEW

    Fife, Alva R. - Military Marker

    Fife, Alva R. and Faye (Stewart) - parents of Alva R.

    Fife, Andrew

    Fife, Andrew Plot

    Fife, Elizabeth

    Fife, Frank P. and Cletice W.

    Foley, Sarah

    Catharine, "Wife of David Ford"

    Frederick, C.

    Frederick, Charles - Insc.

    Frederick, Elletha - Inscription

    Frederick, Emma B.

    Frederick, Jacob and Catherine

    Frederick - Lot after tree fell

    Frederick, John H.

    Frederick, Mary Ann
    stone toppled

    Frederick, Obed

    Frederick, Obie Sylvester & Mary E.

    Frederick, Richard M. - Inscription

    Frederick, Sherman

    Frederick, Thomas J.

    Frederick, Washington - Inscription

    Frederick, William and Mary

    Fugate, Lot marker only

    Fugate, Kulan O. and Zelma (Tharp)

    Gardner, Samuel and Sarah

    Garrettson, Carrie and Marguerite A. - Inscription on family stone

    Garrettson, Clyde

    Garrettson, Clyde A. and Wm. H.
    Inscription on family stone

    Garretson "Father"

    Garrettson, Joseph
    Inscription on family stone

    Joseph Garretson, Sr., - Died Apr. 20, 1868 Aged 82 y 4 m 13 d
    Taharsa, Wife of J. Garretson - Jan. 26, 1868, Aged 62 yrs, 10 mo, 14 das

  • Taharsa Garretson - as of Nov. 2009

    Garrettson, Maria "Mother"

    Garrettson, Mariah E.
    Inscription on family stone

    Geltmaker, Harry and Lottie

    Geltmaker, Pvt. James Benjamink,
    Louis "Little Bud"
    George William

    Geltmaker, Lottie H.

    Geltmaker, William and Melba (Fife)

    George, Children
    stones in a row
    [stone on far left is that of James Hamilton]

    George, Infant Son of Albert & Mary
    d 1892

    George, Jonnie

    George, Murtel Leney

    Ghormly, Ellen

    Gibbs, Robert Lyn and Iola Faye

    Gibson, Eric S.

    Goodbub, Julia (Roberts) - has no stone

    Godfrey, William Wallace

    Goelzer, John E. and Blanche

    Green, Marjorie

    Goode, Mary Ruth (McDaniel)

    Groce stones in a row - see following
    biggest stone is that of Cyntha

    Groce, Cynthia

    Groce, Hazel - Infant Dau.
    died 1897

    Groce, Ida M.
    died 1873

    Groce, Infant Daughter
    d 1876 or 1896.jpg

    Groce, Infant Son

    Groce, Infant Son Died 1871

    Halstead Family Stone
    Back of Halstead stone

    Halstead, Elihu

    Halstead, Henry

    Halstead, Hudson
    single stone

    Halstead, Sarah J.

    Hamilton, James

    Hancock - Family Stone

    Hancock, Belle
    Wife of G. W.
    Inscription on Family Stone

    Hancock, Ethel, Inscription

    Hancock, John & Theresa

    Harmon, George W. and Flora A.

    Hauswald Lot

    Hauswald, Christian and Matilda

    Hauswald, Florence

    Hauswald, George and Mary

    Hauswald, Merle

    Hauswald, Lillie
    small stone

    Hauswald, Walter

    Haywood, Mary and David

    Henn, Dorothea - See Engleman , Dorothea

    Henn, Franz

    Henn Stone -
    Mary W. Farris, Mother of Sarah Jane Henn
    Cenotaph - Eddie, Willie, Lille, Children of Charles and Sarah Jane Henn

    Henn, Charles and Ephraim C.
    back of the stone

    Hollowell, Dora (Lamb)

    Hopkins, Lula

    Hughes, Angela

    Hunt, Everett II "Junior"

    Hunt, Everett, Sr. and Alice (Jasper)

    Hurn, George

  • David A. Hutchinson
    Aug. 8, 1962 - Oct. 6, 2009

    James, Joe T. and Katherine A. (Elliott)

  • Jenkins
    Russell G. Nov. 9, 1926 - Dec. 14, 2008
    Aileen M. Oct. 28, 1816 - Sept. 19, 2009

  • Jasper, Jessie and Frank

    Jones Children
    Fannie "Daughter"
    Bertie "Son" of W. A. and M. Lee Jones

    Jones, Fannie
    closeup view

    Jones and Wheeler stones (6)

    Kay, Ida C.

    Kay, Infant
    Died 1877

    Keach, James E. and Byrd M. (McCallister)

    Keach, Lucetta (Eaton)
    Inscription on Eaton Stone

    Kellems, Carolyn B. (Morton)

    Kepley, Hattie Z.

    King, Arthur T. and Julia E. (Lang)

    King, Delbert and Wilma I. (Anderson)

    King, Derrell and Janet

    F. K.
    possibly Francis Kipp

    F. K and D. K.
    located next to Kipp stone

    Kipp Family Stone
    William, Catherine, Frances, David,and William

    Kipp, William

    Lamb, Adam Clark and Jane

    Lamb, Augustin
    Lamb, Jane
    Lamb, Sarah
    Inscriptions on family stone

    Lamb, Chas. P. and Sarah E.

    Lamb, Dale Owen

    Lamb, George

    Lamb, Harrison, Lamb Harriet
    Inscription on family stone

    Lamb, Harrison C. and Mary H.

    Lamb, Harrison O. - Small stone, is now missing from cemetery

    Lamb, Jessie E.

    Lamb, John William

    Lamb, Joseph

    Lamb, Josiah
    Family Plot

    Josiah Lamb's Family Stone

    Lamb, Josiah - single stone

    Lamb, Josiah & Mary [Atkins] - Inscription on family stone

    Lamb, Josiah and Mary - stones

    Lamb, M de Lafayette

    Lamb, Madison A. - Inscription on family stone

    Lamb, Maria
    Lamb, William
    Lamb, John
    Inscriptions on family stone

    Lamb, Mollie

    Lamb, Nancy

    Rachel, Daut of H & L Lamb
    Died Feb 1, 1847, Aged 4 years

  • Rachel Lamb, - Nov. 2009

    Lamb, Roy C.

    Lamb, Ruth

    Lamb, Willy and Anna Bell

    Lang, George M. and Leon R.

    Lang, Edwin C.

    Lang, Gareld I.

    Lang, Lafayette and Louisa

    Lang, Laura (Herman) & Garrett M.

    Lang, Thomas J. and Edith M.

    Lang, Vernon A.

    Lee, John Arnold

  • Lee
    Daniel R. "Roscoe" Jul 20, 1952 - May 1, 2009
    Susan M. June 13, 1953 -
    Married Jan. 24, 1986

  • Linder Lot - possibly Sarah,
    wife of Nathaniel Linder
    Her obit says "buried in Galena next to husband, Nathan"

    On Linder Lot - possibly Sarah - another view

    Linder, M. V.

    Linder, Nathaniel
    Co. E, 53d Ind. Inf.

    Linder, Washington
    Co. E, 53d Ind. Inf.

    Linton, Goldie (Frederick)

    Liston, A.

    Livers, Anthony

  • Another view Nov 2009

    Livers, Harriett T.

    Livers, Lafayette & Marthy

    Logsdon, John Henry and Hazel

    T O L - Lopay, Thomas

    Marrs, John Allen

    McCampell, Sandra (Cooke)

    McIntosh, Elizabeth
    Picture taken after pine tree fell

    McIntosh, Hattie Florence and Mary Ann

    McIntosh, John "Father"

    McIntosh, John A.,
    Son of John A. & Sarah

    Mcintosh, Sarah J.

    McIntosh, Sarah Emma

    McKee, Charley

    McKee, Charley E.,
    Son of J. & F McKee
    Infant McKee, son of J. & F. McKee

    McKee, Maggie

    Meriweather, Charlie F.

    Merriwether, Minnie

    Madlung, Barbara "Mother"

    Madlung, Edward R and Edith (Buss)

    Madlung, Henry - Inscription

    Madlung, John G. "Father"

    Madlung, John G.
    Inscription on family stone

    Lucy L,
    Barbara E.,
    Sophia A.,
    Rosa F.
    Inscriptions on Family Stone

    Madlung, John G.
    Inscription on Family Stone

    Mallory, Garrett

    McDaniel, Alfred and Nola

    McDaniel, Charles, Inscription

    McDaniel, Charles H.

    McDaniel, Elmer

    McDaniel, Elmer W. and Viola M.

    McDaniel, H. Benjamin "Uncle Ben"

    McDaniel, Hubert B.,
    Son of P. & W.

    McDaniel, O. P.

    McDaniel, Viola M.

    McDaniel, William

    McDaniel, William and Mary A.
    Inscription on Family Stone

    McKinley, Raymond "Mac" and Fannie

    McWilliams, Letha & Jesse

    Mehler, Arthur & Phoeba (Frederick)

    Meriwether, Joseph, Emily R., and Infant

    Merryman, Thomas

    Miller, Elmore S. and Laura (Thurman)

    Miller, George W. - Inscription

    Miller, George W. and Mary E.

    Miller, Isabella
    Wife of B. Miller
    Born Aug 8, 1823
    Died Mar 11, 1909

    Miller, Jacob B.
    Born Mar. 8, 1819
    Died Aug. 17, 1900

    Miller, Jacob B. and Isabella
    "Father and Mother"
    [back side of stone]

    Miller, Mary E.

    Miller, Mary E. [another view]

    Minshall, Jacob

    Minshall, Margaret J.

    Minton, Jonathan - Consort of Savanna

    Morlen, Gary Paul and Joyce (Keith)

    Morlen, Paul and Ethelynn (Morton)

    Morris, Herbert L.

    Morris, Geneva S.

    Morris, Homer and Theora
    (his second wife)

    Morton, Ida

    Morton, John A.

    Morton, Louis M.
    Military stone

    Morton, Louis M. "Louie" and Margie (Lamb)

    Morton Family Stone
    John A.

    Morton, William H.

    Morton, William H. and Mildred L.

    Moss, Ida M.

    Moss, Stanley B. and Pauline P. (Pectol)

    Mundy, Jenetta M.

    Mundy, Jesse W.

    Murphy "Mother"
    is next to big Murphy stone

    Murphy Family Plot

    Murphy, Anna
    Wife of Isaac Murphy

    Murphy, Homer B. and Louise

    Murphy, Isaac and Sarah C.

    Murphy, Lawrence A., Nettie B., and Margaret P.

    Murphy, Omer
    small stone

    Murphy, Omer B. and Myrtle L.

    Murphy, Myrtle - small stone

    Murphy, Roy Melvin

    Murphy, Sarah

    Nagel, John W. and John W. H.

    Neat, Ida and Charley

    Neat, Robert "Father"
    Allie "Mother"
    Martha "Sister"

    Nicholson, Charles
    [no stone; funeral home marker now missing

    Nobles, Donald, Sr.

    Patton, Clara E.

    Patton, Elizabeth (Dodd) [Lamb]
    [widow of Augustin Lamb]

    Patton, Levi

    Patton, Wm. J.

    Payne, Lewis - Military marker

    Pectol, Barzylla

    Pectol, Charles V. and Ada M.

    Pectol, Clarence M. and Mollie (McKee)

    Pectol, Dr. George W. and Large Pectol Stone

    Pectol, Harold M., Aileen M., & Harold H.

    Pectol, John & Ina

    Pectol, Mordecai

    Pectol, Wilbert F. and Minnie E.

    Perkins, Andrew
    Family stone

    Perkins, Andrew
    Inscription on family stone

    Perkins, Infant Son of Wm. & S. I.

    Perkins, Lucy

    Pirtle, Rolla M. & Elmer E.

    Preusch, George

    Pritchett Lot
    John Wesley Pritchett's Family

    Pritchett, Addie

    Pritchett, Addie "Mother"

    Pritchett, John W. - Inscription

    Pritchett, John W. "Father"

    Pritchett, Mattie - Inscription

    Pritchett, Maud

    Pritchett, Maud
    Inscription on family stone

    Rainey, Catherine E. - flat stone

    Rainey, Catherine E. - Inscription on side of Hiram and Lucinda's Stone

    Rainey, Hiram and Lucinda

    Rainey, John

    Ray, Dewey

    Reasor stone
    foundation only (sunken)

    Reber, Wilbert

    Reese, Wilbert H. and Nettie L.

    Rice, Infant Daughter

    Rice, William and Sophia

    Roberts, Charles H. and Sarah

    Roberts, Joseph M., Sr.

    Robards, Jane

    Royer, Ellen (Tompkins)

    Rutherford, Hezekiah
    Inscription on family stone

    Rutherford, Mariah
    Inscription on family stone

    Schoch, Norbert L., Sr.

    Schoen, Katherine

    Schwartz, David L. - Jul 15, 1826 - no death date
    Lucy A. - Apr 25, 1832 - Feb 28, 1919
    Michael - Feb 3, 18134 - Nov 21, 1898 [brother of David L.]

    Schwartz, Infant Daughter and Sarah;
    style="mso-spacerun: no">

    Schwartz, Infant Dauts. Wm. A. & S. E.
    3 inscriptions on this stone

    Schwartz, Infant Daut.
    Born & Died Oct. 6, 1880

    Schwartz, Hettie C. 1889-1890

    Schwartz, Cora M.

    Schwartz, John B.

    Schwartz, John B. and Mary

    Schwartz, Mary J, wife of John

    Scott, Walter R.

    Scott-Schuman, Mary (Clark)

    Seaman, Harriet

    Seitz, Andrew & Margaret

    Seitz, Catharine, Wife of Andrew

    Seitz, Mary Ann

    Shortridge, Jane (Pectol)

    Slater, William

    Slaughter, Betty J.

    Smith, Bert W. and Evelyn J.

    Smith, Charles A. and Lula Mae

    Smith, Clyde E. and Virginia L.

    Smith, Grace P.

    Smith, P. W. - Co. D. 1 IND. H. A.

    Smith, Tolbert E. and Oliver Lincoln

    Sommerville, James and Freda (McWilliams)

    Sommerville, Kerry

    Southerland, Larry Wayne

    Sperzel, Fanny R. "Aunt Fannie"

    Sperzel, Charles and Sarahetta

    Sperzel, Laverne
    aka Samantha St. Clare

    Sperzel, Louis and Nancy J.

    Sperzel, Obediah T. and Lissetta W. H.

    Sperzel, Robert L. and Mary E.

    Sperzel, William C. and Lena Emily

    Spickert, Mary Lavinia (Frederick)
    wife of Nicholas Spicker

    Stanley, Lottie [Enochs] (Mother of Joseph Enochs) - Buried stone - small stone with LOTTIE on it

    Stanley, Silas - Buried stone - small stone with SILAS on it

    Stephenson, Enoch
    ront of stone
    -- back --

    Stephenson, Isabella

    Stephenson Marie

    Stephenson, W. B.

    Stetler, Francis M.

  • Francis Stetler - Fallen Nov. 2009

    Stetler, Francis M. & Mary M.

    Stetler, Levi

    Stetler, Mary (wife of Levi)

    Stetler, Mary M.

    Nancy Stewart
    Born Mar. 15, 1784
    Died Mar. 1, 1865
    "Erected by ___ Fatix"

  • DAR plaque at base of stone

  • Nancy Stewart - Leaning very badly Nov. 2009

    Stewart, Nancy - with DAR plaque

    Cora C. - Wife of John W. Stone

    Stone, John W. and Ella J.

    Stuart, Clark L.


    Fred C. Swartz - June 2, 1933 - Aug. 11, 1995
    Margruiette Alice Swartz - May 12, 1929 - Sept. 23, 1988

    Swartz, John G. and Mary J.
    very large picture

    Swift, Emma M.

    Swift, Ernest

    Swift, Eugene and Annie

    Swift, J. Vance

    Swift, James L. & Roxie E.

    Swift, Jewett
    Son of J. & R. Swift [James & Roxie]

    Swift, Willie

    Taylor, Martha M.

    Taylor, Matilda

    Taylor, Riley
    [broken stone]

    Matilda Wife of R. A. Taylor
    Born June 27, 1824
    Died Jan 24, 1890
    and stone for Riley A. Taylor [broken]

    Thacker, Gracy

    Thacker, Robert & Edwin

    Thomas, Dorothy Jean

    Thomas, Herbert F. and Mary L. (Brown)

    Thompson, Chester I. and Florence B.

    F. Thompson & A. Stevens Stone

    Thompson, Sylvia G. Tompkins

    Thurman, Henry & Eleanor - Family Stone

    Thurman, Henry C.
    Inscription on family stone

    Thurman, Nancy

    Timperman, Asbury and Hattie

    Pearly May
    Arthur A.

    Thurman, Nancy

    Tompkins - family stone

    Tompkins, Anna

    Tompkins, John G. - Inscription

    Tompkins, Nancy P. - inscription on family stone

    Tompkins, Patrick, Son of B. B. & S. A.

    Tompkins, Sarah A. nee Miller and Patrick, Son of B. B. & S. A.(2 stones)

    Tompkins, William M. and Ella Stone

    Toops, Zola May

    Turner, Lorna R.

    Vale, Joseph

    Volz Family Stone - Louis, Mary, Walter, and Columbus

    Vorhies, Catharine
    "Wife of David Ford"

    Voyles, Gerald, Susie and Gerald II

    Voyles, Homer and Elnora

    Voyles, Norman & Zelma; Joyce A. (Voyles) Price

    Wade, Kenneth and Creola

    Wade, Linsey and Rebecca

    Wade, Linsey and Rebecca
    next to the fallen Clark stone

    Wells, Carrie R.

    Wells, Obed. F.

    Wells, Charles & Maggie

    Wells, Charles D. C.

    Wells, Frank
    his old stone

    Wells, Frank and Maggie

    Wells, John G.

    Wells, Josiah

    Wells, Robert

    Willie Wheeler

    Wheeler, Willie and Jones stones

    Wheeler, Willie - Son of T. F. & N. A. Wheeler
    From Mt. Eden Cemetery Church Records, by Nelson S. Scott:
    William B. Wheeler, born 20 Jan 1878 (or 1879), Spartsville, Adair Co., KY;
    bap. 18 May 1890, by M. R. Scott,
    died 2 Apr 1896, son of Thomas F. and Nancy A. Wheeler"

    Williams, George R. and Ionia G.

    Williams, Mable Tompkins

    Wolfe, Betty Joyce

    Wolfe, Robert Walter

    Wolfe, Wesley & Martha

    Wolfe, William H. "Sib" and Frances E. (Fertig)

    Wright, Ada - Inscription

    Wright, Charles, son of H. H. & H. T.

    Wright, Dr. Henry Hammond

    Wright, Harriet, wife of Dr. H. H.

    Infant Wright and Sophy Wright, children of H. H. and Harriet

    Yerks, Andrew - Co. C - 23d Ind. Inf.

    View - South side of cemetery

    View of the Galena Church - Previously Galena M. E. Church

    View of the Gate on South side of church

    View - View from the North Side of Church Building

    View - Back of cemetery looking toward church building


    Rock - appears to be on Linder Lot

    Unknown - Metal Marker next to Nancy Stewart's stone

    Unknown - Between Wm. H. Lamb and Andrew Yerks

    [Wheeler?], James T.- d. 1878 (see Wheeler stones)

    [Wheeler?], Robert J. - d. 1884 (see Wheeler stones)

    Unknown, recent burial - located in newest section of cemetery - may be burial location for Sandra Cooke McCampbell

    If you know of someone I missed, please contact me at