St. Mary of the Knobs Cemetery

The St. Mary of the Knobs Cemetery Listing was originally posting by Michael L. Dearing.  It was downloaded by myself (Chris Breen) as a text file in September 2003 and re-formatted into a spreadsheet to make it easier to sort in different ways.  Unfortunately, I did not keep a copy of the original version. This was only a couple of months after I started my family history research. If I were able to do this over again with what I know now, I would do it a bit differently (as well as maintain a copy of the original source).

Some notes to consider when using this list:

1) There have been many more burials since 1979, which is the year I believe Michael compiled this list.

2) The bolded Surname column in my re-formatted version is my assumption, based on the entry in Michael's transcription.  For example, if Michael's original entry was:

Minnie, daut of H. M. HUTH

born 4 July 1868

            died 29 Jan 1884

 My entry in the re-formatted version would assume HUTH as the surname.  This may not be a correct assumption if Minnie married. The text in the Full name field will contain the surname only if it accompanied the first name. 

3) As in the above example, the only text that shows in the Full Name column is Minnie, since HUTH was not listed as part of the name of the deceased (it was instead listed as the surname of Minnie's father or mother).

4) If the entry in the original only had initials, then the last initial was also entered in the Surname (example - N. L. H. in the original transcription, then H. was entered in the Surname field of the re-formatted version, as well as the total "N. L. H." in the Full Name field).

5) This list is a transcription of a transcription (similar to a copy of a copy).  The accuracy of the data in this re-formatted transcription could have errors in addition to any errors that were contained in the original transcription.  As with any transcription - use it as a guide to original sources, not a statement of fact.

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