Photos of Stones


West Haven Cemetery

New Albany, Floyd County.

This is a work in progress and the list is very incomplete. I am guessing there are about 700 stones in this cemetery, but not everyone has a stone to mark the gravesite. If you have additional information on this cemetery or would like to take pictures to add this to the site, please contact me at S P Carpenter

This cemetery has been listed in the burial records in many different ways. It is an African American Cemetery that was established in 1877. There were other colored cemeteries. One was on Paoli Pike has been cleaned and is know now as "Freedomland". It has become a school project.

In one record, West Haven Cemetery was listed as "Apple Tree Garden". Others listed it as "Rest Haven", "West Street Cemetery", "West Union Cemetery", "Colored Cemetery".

Some other African American Cemeteries were: Dawson's Hollow, Ross Family Cemetery (2) - one has been moved; Bailey cemetery (location has not been found). There are some African Americans buried in the city cemetery, Fairview, as well as in the National Cemetery.


West Haven Office

West Haven Cemetery one view 2


A. Alexander, John R. & Annie N., S. J., and Alice

B. Bain, Daisy and Henry Barbour, Lottie Morgan Blackburn 2 3 Brown, Henry William

Brown, Jadie, Lizzie [Ganaway] & Family

C. Carr, John Carroll, Delilah Carter, George and Jennie Clay, Henry Cousins, Doris Marie

Cousins, Kimberly

D. Demines, Hattie (Cole)


F. Finley, Joe Daniel 2 Ford, Luevenia 2

G. Grundy, Burrell Grundy, Burrell S. Grundy, Cora Grundy, James H. Keyes Grundy, Nancy

Grundy, Pearl tall Grundy stone

H. Hickerson, Michael Howard, Elder (family) Huggins, Anna & Richard Hunter, Yolanda Hysell, Family

I. Isaac, Hattie S. Isaac, Luevenia and Raymond 2 Isaac, Orin Isaac, Shaderack

Isaac, Wilbur

J. Jackson, Elizabeth Johnson, Ellen Johnson, Henry Tyler Johnson, Hubie Joshua, Sarah (Carr)

K. Kimbrough, John R. & Pearl (Grundy) King, Jesse W.

L. LaForce, Felix Lett, Pearl (Grundy) Lewis, Beuzetta Lewis, Lansing Lewis, Patricia

Logan, Irene (Isaac)

M. Maxwell, D. C. McCracken, James and Elizabeth McPheeters, Marx A. Miller, Cora (Grundy)

Mosley, James B. Mozee, Wanna Bell Mucker Cornerstone


O. Overall, Alberta Overall, James Richmond

P. Pleasant, Eddie H.


R. Richardson, Jennie & Children Rickman, Edward Rickman, Rebecca

S. Simpson, Frank Sterrett, Henry Stuart, Robert F.
Stone, Nancy (Grundy)

T. Tolbert, Dorothy J. Tolbert, James & Georgia Tolbert, John C. Tolbert Monument

U. Unknown 1 Unknown 2 Unknown (metal marker)


W. Walker, Addie Walker, Margaret Luevenia Walker, Richard Webb, Julia & Thomas

Webb, Margaret

Welsh/Welch, Lucas/Lucius M. (on Henry Bain's lot)

West Haven Office West Haven Vault Side View Vault - from front Woodson, Zola (McCracken)


Y. Yantis, Elizabeth (Clay)



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