from New Albany Ledger Standard  Wednesday Evening, Jan 1, 1879 p4 c2:





1878 Happenings Hurrygraphed

The files of the Ledger-Standard and What they reveal.

All the Local News Boiled Down.


1. Weather warm and wet.

2. German catholic fair, Masonic celebration at Greenville

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4. P. M. Kepley accidentally shot. Jacob Anthony died suddenly. Turned suddenly cold after a month of warm, rainy weather.

6. Large temperance meeting at the opera house.

7. Miss Nannie Woods married and died.

10. Mrs. F. Goebel and Miss Maggie Kraft married.

15. Conrad Yeager died.

18. Call on O. O. Stealey to run for senator published

19. Revival in the Bank street Baptist church, N. T. James died.

22. John W. Kay and Mary M. Kelso married.

24. Lorenz Weber died. James Tabler died. Universalist revel in progress.

26. Rachel Riley died. Thomas Hughes died.

28. Mrs Jane Young. died.  Knights Temple oyster supper.

30. Mrs. Julia Coats died. Heavy snow storm. John R. Gebhart died.


2. Democratic convention to appoint delegates to the state convention.

4. Mrs. Thomas Brady died from accidental burning. Opening of Odd Fellows hall.

5. Wm. Parish died.

8. Charles Elliott and Miss Sallie King married. Joseph Turner, injured on the L. N. A. & C. railroad died.

8. Miss E. Heiskell died.

10. Adam Heimer died.

12. Services at St. Mary’s Catholic church to commemoration of the death of the Pope.

13. Commemoration services at Holy Trinity Catholic church on the death of Pio. Nino.

14. Mardigras parade. James Hodge and Mrs. Harriet Mann married.

19. Meeting of the grand lodge I. O. W. M.

21. H. Siebenthal died. Dr. James Dixon lectured on “Woman,” W. H. Stallings and Mrs. Elizabeth Kent married. Hartman & Co’s smoke house partially burned.

24. Rev. Samuel Conn preached his farewell sermon. Thomas McCoy died.

25. Mrs. Elizabeth Newbanks died. Mrs. Ben. F. Tuley died. Meannerchor masked bal. Mr. Peter Bucheit and Miss Barbara Slocum married.

26. Thomas L. Danforth died. Mr. Fred. Turner and Miss Fannie K. Edwards married.

28. Jacob Renn and Miss Lizzie Shade married. Henry Williams died.


2. Tariff meeting at the opera house.

3. Great red ribbon rally at the opera house.

8. Mrs. J. E. Miller died.

10. Catholic Knights of America organized in the city.

11. Swain Townsend died.

14. John T. Cottom — “Dora” —  and Miss Barbara Smith married.

15. H. R. Mathias died. Thomas McClintock died.

16. Democratic primary election.

17. Daniel Hipple died. St. Patrick’s day celebration, Street parade.

18. Trial of brother Bassett.

19. Edward Hannen and Miss Etta Henry married. George Ellis and Miss C. B. Jackson married.

20. Warren Prosser arrested for an attempt to commit rape.

21. Mrs. Ben Lemmon died. Meeting of the Southern Indiana Teachers’ Association. N. A. Crabill arrested for swindling

23. John Schnicker died.

24. Celebration of St. Joseph’s day, public parade.

25. Golden wedding celebration by Mr. and Mrs. John Bushnell.

26. Anniversary celebration at the Orphans Home.


1. April election day. Tom. Hanlon spilled out of a buggy and has a rib broken.

4. Opening of the New Mannerchor ball

8. Dr. D. G. Stewart died. Jos. Adams and Mrs. Anna Whitman married.

9. Heavy hail storm

10. W. E. Applegate and Sallie M. Wolfe married.

11. Lecture by Henry Watterson at the opera house.

12. Mrs. Martha Marsh died.

14. Grand red ribbon rally.

25. Park Christian church fair.

18. Mr. William Powell and Miss Maggie Jubin married. Mr. C. H. Ravenscroft and Miss Anna F. Bodger married.

23. Mr. Ernest Losson and Miss Kate Stein married.

24. The board of county commissioners decided to build a new poor house.

26. Odd Fellows celebration.

29. James F. Little Died. Mrs. John McCann died.

30. Mrs. Kate Cheeny died.


2. Henry V. at the opera house.

3. Willard Lyman died.

1. Race at the Fair grounds between Buerk and Ealy, Ealy won.

5. Mrs. Ormond died, aged 25 years. Wash Carter, an old colored citizen, drowned in Silver Creek. Holy Trinity temperance society parade.

7. City election for Councilman. Fred. Steinbauer and Miss Knoblock married.

8. J. E. McClung and Miss Miss Mollie Connolly married.

9. Bren. C. Glover and Miss Anna Reineking married.

11. Greenback convention, John Baer died.

12. John F. S. Jackson, one of the Ledger-Standard employes died. Mrs. Belle Tatspaw died. Edwin Oats died. Mrs. Henry Clay died.

13. Mrs. Dr. W. F. Morrill died.

19. Mannerchor society went to the knobs.

21. Reinhardt Dietz and Miss Louisa Kraft married. Jas. J. Murray and Miss Tillie Bently married.

22. Lieut. Geo. Meade and Miss Julia Watts married. Lieut. Geo. A. Bicknell and Miss Annie Sloan married.

24. Commencement exerciser of the high schools at the opera house, Miss Lizzie Kepley read an essay on woman.

25. Republican county convention.

29. Miss Jennie Swandell drowned near the city — suicide.

31. New Fire department force took their places. Fire at noon, Mrs. Weaver’s house on Main street. Boy drowned near glass works. Farewell services in Bank street Baptist church.


1. Democratic committee met and called primary election. Charles Sittason fell and was fatally injured.

2. Mrs. Mary A. Lapsley died. Commencement of the Saengerbund celebration.

3. Saengerbund concert at the opera house. City decorated with flags, banners, etc., etc. A large number of people pres-

4. Saengerbund parade and picnic.

6. DePauw college commencement exercises at the opera house.

7. Democratic primary election. Some people disappointed and more would have been if they had possessed the power of prophecy.

8. Democratic county convention.

10. Race between Long and Ealy in which Ealy and several other citizens got left. Appointment of school teachers for the year.

11. Prosser and Barrow attempt to break jail

12. “The First Grey Hair,” sermon by Dr. James Dixon published. Centenary picnic at Sugar grove.

15. Joint convention of democratic delegates to nominate a joint senator and prosecuting attorney, for Floyd and Clark counties.

16. Mrs. T. S. Kunkle died. Excursion on the L., N. A. & C. R. R., to Bloomington.

19. Mrs. Thomas Gleason died. Mr. George Hopkins and Miss Jennie Deeble married.

20. Seely—Sims elopement published.

22. Republican county convention.

23. Mrs. John R. Webb died.

24. St. John’s day. Masonic celebration and picnic at Sugar Grove.

25. John McQuiddy died. The official board of Centenary church voted Dr. Dixon a vacation.

26. Mrs. George Genung died.

27. Rev. George Love and Miss Emma V. P. Bicknell married.

30. Red ribbon rally at the opera house addressed by Will S. Hays.


1. Mrs. Sarah Burgess died.

4. John Spade jr., died in the station house. The Ten Broeck—Mollie McCarthy farce drew thousands of dollars from New Albany. Numerous picnics. A. M. Jackson, editor of the Ledger-Standard, dying.

6. A. M. Jackson died in the 57th year of his age.

9. Michael Tully drowned.

10. Frank Haskins, Kid Woodward, Ed Stoy and Walter Nunemacher started to Europe.

11. John K. Bullock and Miss Caroline O’Conner married. Mrs. Harriet P. Scribner died.

12. Charley Kelpey received the pups.

14. Mrs. Joseph Cadwallader died.

15. Thermometer 96° in the shade. Anna Weathers tried to commit suicide.

17. Big sale of Mrs. Lapsley’s personal effects. Chris Winterstein died.

18. Thermometer 102° in the shade.

19. Miss Lizzie Eagle sun-struck and died from its effects. Greenback convention, all wind and no work done.

20. Thermometer 100° in the shade and several severe cases of sunstroke, none fatal.

24. Ed Searls had his hand mashed off in the L, N A & C R R yard. Otto Palmer pounded by Col. T. J. Fullenlove. The removal of the plate glass works discussed but not decided. Much feeling manifested on the subject.

26. Anna Downs, colored, committed suicide by taking arsenic.

27. Richard Harris died from sunstroke. Foot race between Long and Jennings at the fair grounds. Jennings won and some New Albany sports lost big money.

29. Partial eclipse of the sun.

30. Charles Mitchem, colored, died. Report spread that he died of yellow fever and much alarm created.

31. Miss Cornelia Leach committed suicide.


1. Tandy Carroll came up on the steamer Mary Houston with a case of yellow fever.

2. Interview with physicians in regard to yellow fever published.

4. Chris Borgerding died.

5. Conrad Dierking died.

6. Louisa Stiller died.

8. Commencement of the Methodist camp meeting at  Sugar Grove. A large crowd present.

10. Opening of the democratic campaign. Speech made by S. B. Voyles.

11. Miss G. C. Turner died.

12. The Fullenlove-Palmer case tried, and Fullenlove acquitted.

13. The camp meeting drawing large numbers from the city.

14. Serious accident to Capt. Banks and family by  his horse running away on the knobs.

15. John Livingston died. John Ringenberg ran away. Mad dog killed in West Union. The gas company reduced the price of gas 50 cents on the 1,000 feet.

16. Yellow fever in Louisville, and much excitement here in consequence of the fact. Miss Lena Scharf died.

18. Sugar Grove camp meeting continuing to draw.

19. Andrew Connell died.

20. Foot racing and walking all the rage. Heavy thunder storm. Measures taken to avoid the spread of yellow fever; great alarm on the subject. Gillem Graves died.

21. Captain Joshua Wiley and Mrs. M. J. Monney were married. Close of the Sugar Grove camp meeting.

22. Mrs. Sarah P. Harrison died. Henry Stewart died.

23. Brick Pomeroy at the opera house.

26. Teachers institute met. J. F. Gebhart dangerously ill.

27. Large public meeting to raise funds for the yellow fever sufferers. The teachers in statute in session.

29. Subscriptions being received for the yellow fever sufferers. Teachers Institute in session, lecture by Rev. W. C. Brooks. Attempt made by the prisoners to break jail.

30. Close of the teachers institute.

31. Landers and Shanklin at the opera house.


2. Michael Therion and Josephine Werner married. Cornelius Howard Stocksdale, died. D. C. Hill died.

3. Residence of Peter South partially destroyed by fire.

4. Louis Denny fatally injured by being run over by a wagon. Picnic for the benefit of the yellow fever sufferers.

5. John B. Smith died. The yellow fever raging and much anxiety in the city for fear of its reaching here. Speech at the court house by Matthew Clegg in which he went for the scalps of several individuals.

6. Concert by the red ribbon glee club, 150 voices in the chorus.

7. Aunt Hannah Smith died. Afternoon and evening concert of the red ribbon glee club.

9. Joseph Cody severely injured at the glassworks. Herbert Coombs died.

10. Jacob Kleiber and Miss Sophia Smith married.

11. Yellow fever raging in Louisville, and people flocking to this city. Frank Lewis and family left for Minneapolis to reside permanently.

12. James W. Lewis died.

15. Louis Denny died from his injuries.

16. Eugene Fenger injured at the glass works. Rev. Henry Skewes lectured on Mormonism at Wesley chapel. Mrs. E. Riley died. Mrs. Joseph Wattam died.

17. Barbara Eisle died.

18. Meeting of the New Albany Presbytery and the Woman’s foreign missionary society.

19. Second days’ meeting and close of the Presbytery. Installation of Rev. Charles Little as pastor of the Second Presbyterian church. Judge Lewis Jordon and others spoke at the democrat stand.

20. Rev. Wm. Hildreth began a series of lectures on “Bible History.” John Koetter disappeared.

21. The amount of yellow fever contributions footed up and found to amount to $2,500.

22. George Baber and Colonel T. J. Fullenlove made speeches at the democratic stand. Matt Wolfe created a big family disturbance.

23. Hon. James H. Willard spoke in West Union.

24. Social entertainment at Dr. Dixon’s residence, tendered him by his friends. Hon. D. W. Vorhees and others speak at the opera house; a monster meeting.

25. Mrs. John Skaggs died.

30. Death reported of C. G. Handy, a telegraph operator of this city at Grand Junction, Tenn., of yellow fever. Turn Verein exhibition at the opera house. Organization of a lodge of colored “elephants.” Speeches by James H. Willard  and T. J. Fullenlove at Turner hall.


1. Weather warm and pleasant. Mary Fronmiller divorced from Matthias Fronmiller. William Sullivan died.

2. C. H. Fountain dangerously injured by a runaway accident at Jeffersonville, and brought home. T. A. Nantz and Miss Laura B. Payton married. Democratic meeting in West Union.

3. Robert King died. Smith Dugan taken to the penitentiary. Judge George A. Bicknell spoke in Turner hall.

4. Col. T. J. Fullenlove, James H. Willard, and others, spoke In the Sixth ward. Twenty-four glass workers arrive from England.

5. Hon. George A. Bicknell spoke in the opera house.

8. Edward N. Shrader and Miss Anna M. Dantz were married. Conrad C. Brown and Miss Lydia Goodbub married. Election day, all quiet. Fire alarm about daylight caused by the burning of Jake Swartz’s hay stacks above Vincennes street. Mrs. Charles Cutter died.

10. Yellow fever reported increasing in Louisville, and the scare not yet died out here. Total vote of county footed up showing 4533 votes.

11. Large surprise party at the residence of recorder-elect, Charles Schwartzel.

12. Meeting at the council chamber to make preparation for the reception of the Southern Indiana editorial association.

13. Building of a coal and sand elevator contracted for at the Star glass works Water works also in progress for the same establishment.

13. Serenade to Captain John Hahn, sheriff.

15. Another meeting of citizens to provide for entertaining the editors. Edward Leach and Miss Emma Bentley married.

16. Mrs. Ed. Stoy, one of the “Arcadiana” who had been “doing” Europe, returned home. Mrs. Charles Casey died. Numerous cases of yellow fever in Louisville, and our citizens still anxious and troubled.

17. Martin Welsh reported to have attempted suicide, but denied the charge.

18. Light fall of snow; weather cold. Call published requesting Dr. James Dixon to deliver a lecture.

19. Heavy frost. Yellow fever scare about over. D. C. Perrine died.

20. Extensive preparations being made to receive the editors.

21. Blanche Meda combination at the opera house. Harry Sims, colored lawyer, mysteriously assaulted, beat and stabbed.

23. All the policemen looking for Washington, the negro rapist from Louisville, and he and his partner seen and chased in the upper end of the city. Numerous parties out after them.

24. Arrival of numerous members of the press association, met at the depot, and taken care of. Public reception at the opera house at night and banquet at Central hotel. Residence of W. S. Culbertson entered by a burglar.

25. Editors shown the city, the manufactories &c. Lecture at night by Rev. Dr. Dixon. Banquet at Maennerchor hall. Tom Hanlon shot by Wm. Huncilman, and reported dying and great excitement among his friends. Huncilman arrested and gave bail.

29. Editors left for Jeffersonville and thence to their homes, and commenced the work of giving New Albany the best advertisement the city ever had.

27. Mr. Peter Vernia severely injured by a fall from his door.

29. Joe Kemper seriously injured by being caught between a freight car and platform in the railroad yard at Louisville. Birthday party at the residence of I. B. Friend.

30. Mr. Will. A. Hedden and Miss Jennie F. Gebhart married. Father Doebbener died at St. Louis.

31. Hallow’een. Attack made on Miss Lagel. Mathias Fronmilller and Margaret A. Scherdeman married. Mrs. Mary Reed died.


1. Tom Hanlon getting well.

2. Announcement made that Dr. Dixon had withdrawn from the Methodist church and united with the Christian.

4. Collision between the hose reel and hook and ladder truck. James S. Stamper and Miss Maggie Welch married. Ben. F. Welker retired from the clerks office and Capt. John B. Mitchell took possession.

5. Union choir concert at opera house. Mum social of First Presbyterian church.

7. Marion Dunn who committed a rape on a little eleven year old girl near Greenville, brought to the city and lodged in jail.

8. The Dixon-Kepley matter published. The city astonished..

9. The city all agog over the Dixon matter. Dr. D. sick. M. M. Hurley publishes a card. Mrs. Jabez Beharrell died.

10. Celebration of the 25th anniversary by the Third Presbyterian church. Defense of Dr. Dixon at the Christian church by J. C. Tully. Bishop Chatard drew immense crowds to the catholic churches and the services were very impressive.

12. Mr. E. G. Rodgers and Miss Mamie McCord married.

13. Roger Davidson, Esq., accidentally poisoned. Universalist social out in the country at R. K. Jenks’.

14. Mrs. Mary Ann Dorsey died. The difficulty between Hanlon and Huncilman amicably arranged. Third Presbyterian Sunday school anniversary. George Grantz died. The Chicago Times’ article about Dixon published.

15. Sneak thieves at work. Five houses in the upper end of the city entered, but no booty obtained. Attempt twice made to burn a vacant house in West Union.

16. George Mitchell fearfully injured by a gunpowder explosion. Five more houses gone through in the east end, but nothing valuable taken.

17. Gus Matthews created a big excitement on Market street, and was finally taken to the station house by chief of police Carpenter. Dr. Dixon’s defense published.

18. “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” at the opera house.

19. Bren C. Glover reported missing; the news created much anxiety in the city, where he was quite well known, but more on account of his wife, formerly  Miss Anna Reineking; no clue has ever been found in regard to his fate.

24. Phillip Frey died. Vic Emory broke his leg.

25. Mrs. Valentine Becht died.

26. Joseph Reibel, Jr., and Miss Carrie A. Bader married. Mum social of Wesley Chapel church. James H. McCutchen committed suicide by taking arsenic. Centenary board meet and discuss Dr. Dixon.

27. Light fall of snow. Mrs. Claude Mouth died. Thanksgiving generally observed.

29. Dr. Dixon publishes a card denying the charges against him, by the Methodists of this city and Evansville. Large party at the residence of Mr. R. L. Williams, and also one at the residence of Isaac B. Friend. The house of Mr. Bauman, on the knobs, fired into by an unknown party.

30. Row between Plez Powers and Tom Carroll, about the latter’s wife.


2. Dr. Dixon publishes a long statement in the Ledger Standard, denying the charges against him, and especially those made by the Methodist church, and giving them some hard digs. The new poor house completed, and received by the commissioners. Wm. Dierking died.

3. Mr. R. Bruggman died. Dr. Dixon publishes another card challenging the Kepley girls to prove their statements.

4. The trial of Marion Dunn concluded and the sentence 15 years in prison. Bluford Kincheloe, a colored boy, arrested, charged with an attempt to poison the family of Dr. McClelland.

7. Dr. Dixon publishes another card in reply to J. F. Lindley and others.

8. Rev. W. C. Brooks and Elder N. R. Dale reply to Ingersoll in their churches.

9. Commissioners court investigating charges made by James H. Meekin, that the sheriff was drawing too much money out of the county treasury. Bluford Kincheloe tried and acquitted. Ledger-Standard office removed.

11. James Hutchinson convicted of grand larceny and sentenced to two years in the state prison. The new steamer Shields completed. Dunn attempted to break jail. Harry Shields died.

12. Suit bought against Dr. Dixon by Noble D. Morris, for slander in saying that he had robbed the mail.

14. The letters of Dr. Dixon to Miss Lizzie Kepley published, substantiating the divorce story, and creating great excitement.

15. Dr. Dixon left the city.

17. Letters of Miss Lizzie Kepley to Dr. Dixon published. Lots of girlish gush.

22. Dr. Dixon dismissed from the Christian church. Pauline Paulsen died.

23. Samuel Thomas adjudged insane. Exercises in the public schools.

24. Charles Blackiston and Miss Emma Genung married.

25. A quiet Christmas, with fine sleighing and weather very cold.

27. Orphans’ home concert at the First Presbyterian church. Prof. Jones and Marietta Johnson, colored, eloped to Jeffersonville and married.

28. News received of the attempted suicide of Dr .James Dixon, at Memphis, creating a profound sensation in the city.

30. The particulars of the attempted suicide of Dr. Dixon received and variously commented on. Zinsmeister’s store burglarized. Bridge over Falling Run completed and open to travel. Gas furnace at glass works caught fire, damage slightly.

31. Sidney Smith fell dead at Henry Weinman’s.

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