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World War I
Gold Star Soldier's

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Sgt. Lloyd C. Ackerman Co. E, 58th Infantry, 4th Division.
Pvt. Ernest Scott Atkinson 65th Balloon Company.
Pvt. John Shrewsbury Barnes Co. M, 28th Infantry, 1st Division.
Pvt. Orville Brack Co. E, 7th Infantry, 3rd Division.
Pvt. Thomas A. Brown Pioneer Platoon, Headquarters Company, 116th Infantry, 29th Division.
Pvt. Everett Burdette Co. I, 120th Infantry, 30th Division.
Pvt. Paul Chamier Co. M, 120th Infantry, 30th Division.
Pvt. Dan Cheaney Co. F, 111th Engineers, 36th Division.
Pvt. Clyde Samuel Collins Co. C, 6th Field Battalion, Signal Corps.
Pvt. Elwood Digby Colton 7th Anit-Aircraft Battery, Coast Artillery Corps.
Pvt. John Arthur Crofts Co. C, 120th Infantry, 30th Division.
Pvt. Oscar Dannenberg Battery C, 40th Field Artillery.
Pvt. Herman Daum Co. G, 351st Infantry.
Pvt. John Debold Pioneer Platoon, Headquarters Company, 334th Infantry, 84th Division.
Pvt. Orville Demick Headquarters Company, 150th Filed Artillery, 42nd Division.
Sgt. Isadore Drucker Co. F, 28th Infantry, 1st Division.
Pvt. Wesley Edwards United States Marine Corp.
Pvt. Russell Fenn Co. A, 4th Battalion Infantry Replacement and Traning Camp.
Seaman Lester Fisher United States Navy.
Pvt. James T. Foley Co. B, 347th Machine Gun Battalion, 91st Division.
Walter Henry Folz United States Navy.
Pvt. Charles Flack Co. I, 119th Infantry, 30th Division.
1st Lt. Albert Craig Funkhouser Co. F, 144th Infantry, 36th Division. [Tombstone Photo 49KB]
2nd Lt. Paul Taylor Funkhouser Judge Advocate, Co. B, 7th Machine Gun Bn., 3rd Division.[Tombstone Photo 67KB]
Pvt. Russell Goad Co. C, 605th Engineers
Leo Goelzhauser Co. B, 120th Infantry, 30th Division.
Pvt. William L. Gowers 328th Field Remount Squadron.
Cpl. James Bethel Gresham Co. F, 16th Infantry, 1st Division. [Photo 34KB]
1st Lt. Alfred K. Gymer Medical Corps.
Pvt. Elmer S. Harper Co. L, 120th Infantry, 30th Division.
Engineer 1st Class. Fred Hassler United States Navy.
William J. Hayden Aerial Gunner, 182nd Aero Squadron.
Pvt. Cleveland Hicks Co. B, 333rd Infantry, 84th Division.
Pvt. George Almond Hunt 21st Company, 6th Training Battalion, 158th Depot Brigade.
Pvt. William Allen Jones 2nd Casualty Company.
Pvt. Albert T. Kemmerling 22nd Engineers.
Capt. George Howard Kirker Aero Mechanics Training School.
Sgt. George Koonce Co. F, 47th Infantry, 4th Division.
Sgt. Walter L. Krusenklaus Co. F, 4th Infantry, 3rd Division.
Warren E. Labry 1st Class Gunner's Mate, United States Navy.
Pvt. Thomas Edwin Land Battery B, 70th Field Artillery.
Pvt. William Joseph Lappe Casualty Detachment, Second Battalion.
Pvt. Emanuel O. Leberer Co. F, 47th Infantry, 4th Division.
Storekeeper Wilbur Washington Linder United States Navy.
Capt. Austin Lee Loer 151st Infantry, 38th Division.
Pvt. Roy L. Loewenthal 17th Observation Battery, Field Artillery.
Pvt. Benjamin J. Lueken U.S.M.C. Co. A, 1st Battery, 6th Regiment, 2nd Division.
Cook Odus E. McFadden Co. C, 335th Infantry, 84th division.
2nd Lt. Judson C. McGrew Co. D, 167 Infantry, 42nd Division.
Pvt. Roy McSwane 60th Company, 15th Training Battalion, 159th Depot Brigade.
Pvt. Wilbert D. Macer Co. C, 332nd Infantry, 83rd Division.
Mech. John C. Martin Co. L, 120th Infantry, 30th Division.
Cpl. Edward E. Mosby Battery A, 82nd Field Artillery.
Sgt. Frederick Grant Myler Co. M, 310th Infantry, 78th Division.
Pvt. Ernest James Osborne U.S.M.C., 80th Co., 2nd Battalion, 6th Regiment.
Pvt. Verner Bretz Parker Co. G, 47th Infantry, 4th Division.
Pvt. Eugene Pate Co. L, 120th Infantry, 30th Division.
Wagonner Ralph C. Patterson Troop K, 12th Cavalry.
Sgt. Albert J. Paul Co. A, 2nd Casual Company, 2nd Provisional Regiment.
Pvt. Albert Jackson PerkinsCo. M, Provisional Battalion Engineers.
Pvt. Ora L. Perry Co. E, 18th division, 1st Division.
Cpl. Mason Potts Co. K, 4th Infantry, 3rd Division.
Wagoner Frank Powell Supply Company, 119th Infantry, 30th Division.
Pvt. Grover C. Reid Co. B, 47th infantry, 4th Division.
Pvt. Thomas Robson Co. L, 47th Infantry, 4th Division.
Pvt. George John Sander Co. D, Development Battalion No. 1.
Pvt. Frank Schaeffer Motor Field Hospital, 36th Sanitary Train, 7th Division.
Pvt. Crawford Schofield Battery B, 13th Field Artillery.
Sgt. Chester E. Schulz Co. K, 28th Infantry, 1st Division.
Pvt. Edward Schwear United States Army.
Lee D. Sly 60th Infantry, 5th Division.
Pvt. William Orville Steinbrook Co. D, Development Battalion 2.
Pvt. Charles Frederick Stoermer Co. M, 102nd Infantry, 26th Division.
Otis E. Stone
Pvt. Charles E. Straker 214th Engineers Train, 89th Division.
John Boswell Torian United States Navy.
Pvt. August Carl Turpen Battery A, 68th Field Artillery.
Pvt. Douglas Viele First Officer's Training School, Ft. Benjamin Harrison, Ind.
[Memorial Plaque (1919) 64KB] [Memorial Plaque (1997) 34 KB] [Tombstone Photo 54KB]
Pvt. Carl Frederick Vogel Co. B, 113th Machine Gun Battalion, 30th Division.
Charles Waddle United States Army.
Pvt. John Webster Medical Department 1st Corps Artillery Park.
Coxswain William A. Wells U.S.S. Iowa, United States Navy.
Pvt. Emmit White 447th Aero Construction Squadron.
Pvt. Donald Williamson Co. A, 20th Battalion, US Guards, Mexican Border.
Capt. Elijah W. Worsham Machine Company, 326th Infantry, 91st Division.

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The Story of the American Expeditionary Force

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