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Evansville High School
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Evansville High School / Central High School
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Evansville High School / Central High School
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After having classes in various buildings, Evansville High School found a permanent home in 1868 on Seventh Street between Vine and Court Streets. The photo on the left shows the original structure from a head-on camera view. The photo on the right shows the school after the 1896 addition of north and south wings and a new tower in the center. The School Superintendent's Office is also visible to the left of the wing addition. The office used to be the German Reformed Church.

A new high school was completed in 1918 on Evansville's west side. The new high school was named Francis Joseph Reitz High School and the original Evansville High School was renamed Central High School.

In 1927 a boys gymnasium was built on Sixth Street opposite the school. The gymnasium is the only remaining part of Central High School and is occupied by the YMCA. The "Old Central High School" was razed in 1973 after the "New Central High School" was completed on North First Avenue.

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