This World War I Monument is
located on the grounds of the
Old Vanderburgh County Courthouse,
S.W. Corner at Fourth & Vine Streets
Evansville, Indiana

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Service Star Legion War Mothers
Gresham Chapter
Erected this Marker in 1926
In Memory of Vanderburgh County
boys who gave their lives
in the service of the
1917 * World War * 1918

Ernest S. Atkinson
Lloyd C. Ackerman - Sergt.
John S. Barnes
Oscar Barr
Alfred Bosse
Orville Brack
Thomas A. Brown
Everett F. Burdette
Paul W. Chamier
Dan White Cheany
Clyde S. Collins
Elwood Digby Colton - Sergt.
John Crow
Oscar Dannenberg
Herman Daum
John L. DeBold
Orville Demick
Isadore Drucker - Sergt.
Wesley Edwards
Russell Fenn
Lester E. Fisher
Charles Flack
James Thomas Foley
Walter Henry Folz
Albert C. Funkhouser
Paul T. Funkhouser
Russell Goad
Leo I. Goelzhauser
William L. Gowers
Lee Green - Colored
James Bethel Gresham - Corp.
Jack Grisane
James Gunterman
Alfred Keller Gymer - Lieut.
Norbert Thomas Happe
Elmer S. Harper
Fred Hassler
William Hayden
Cleveland Hicks
George A. Hunt
Sam C. Hutchinson
Frank James
William Allen Jones
Henry C. Jones
Walter L. Krusenklaus
George H. Kirker - Capt.
Andrew C. Kimball
Albert T. Kemmerling
George Koonce - Sergt.
Warren E. Laby
Thomas Edwin Land
William Joseph Lappe
Guy Edward Layman
Emauel O. Leberer
Wilbur W. Linder
Austin Lee Loer - Capt.
Roy L. Loewenthal
Benjamin J. Lueken
Odus E. McFadden
Judson C. McGrew - Sergt.
Roy McSwane
Wilbert D. Macer
John C. Martin
Charles Sanders Males
Edward E. Mosby - Corp.
Frederick G. Myler - Sergt.
Ernest J. Osborne
Levi Owens
Verner B. Parker
Eugene Pate
Ralph C. Patterson
Albert J. Paul - Sergt.
Albert J. Perkins
Ora L. Perry
Mason Potts - Corp.
Frank Powell
Grover C. Reid
Hederic Rhodes
Thomas Robson
Roy Roth
George John Sanders
Frank Schaeffer
Crawford Schofield
Edward Schear
Chester E. Schulz - Sergt.
James Simpson
Lee D. Sly
William O. Steinbrook
Charles F. Stoermer
Otis E. Stone - Colored
Charles E. Straker
John Boswell Torian
August Carl Turpen
Robert L. Utterback
Douglas Viele
Carl Frederic Vogel
Charles Waddel
John Webster
Emmit White
Joseph E. Wells
William A. Wells - Coxswain
Donald Williamson
Elijah Worsham

James Bethel Gresham of Evansville
was the first American Soldier
Killed in France

Transcribed by Chris Myers
November 11, 1997

This is an as is transcription of the names listed on this memorial.

Visit the Vanderburgh County Military Page
for a complete list of WWI soldiers and their biographies.
(As time permits)

Christopher D. Myers
All Rights Reserved