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Pvt. Orville Brack
Co. E, 7th Infantry, 3rd Division.
January 22, 1895 - October 2, 1918

     So England spoke to "The Humanity of America," when we patted
Ourselves on the back for our "splendid isolation" and neutrality.
When Germany declared that "necessity knows no law," and Europe
became two military camps, the world said to us, "Speak, O sons
of Lincoln, speak! Silence in such an hour is crime."  America
finally did speak, and her voice was heard by Orville Brack.
He entered the struggle that our country might not be ashamed to
face the verdict of posterity.

     Orville Brack was born in Henderson County, Ky., January 22, 1895.
He attended the public schools of Henderson, but because his eyes
were weak he was forced to leave school before he graduated. His first
work was on a farm, but later he was employed at the Epworth Mine,
at Newburgh, Ind. He entered service April 29, 1918. His organization
at Camp Taylor was Co. D, 337th Infantry. At this Camp he only remained
two months, and then he was transferred to Camp Custer, Battle Creek,
Mich.  One month later he was sent to Long Island, N. Y. In August he
crossed the Atlantic to England and soon after that he went to France.

     Nothing has been learned of his experiences in France, or the
circumstances of his death. The laconic message, "Killed in action,
October 2, 1918," is the official tribute to his heroism

Sons of Men: Evansville's War Record,
Compiled by Heiman Blatt,
Published by Abe P. Madison, 1920
April 15, 1998