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Sgt. Isadore Drucker
Co. F, 28th Infantry, 1st Division
August 6, 1891- October 10, 1918

   In the book, "The American Army in the European Conflict,"
two French officers, Col. De Chambrun and Capt. De Marenches,
describe the kind of fighting in which Isadore Drucker
participated when he made the supreme sacrifice. A regiment
was surrounded by an enemy superior in number. The officers
and men refused to surrender.  The French officers relate,
    "After four days of resistance and privations
     during which their own airplanes succeeded in
     dropping a few loaves of bread, but during
     which a rain of bullets and shells came from
     enemy direction and caused heavy losses, this
     handful of brave troops succeeded in maintaining
     their position until their comrades forced a
     passage to their relief."

   Isadore Drucker was born in Carmi, Ill., August 6, 1891.
When he was a child the family moved to Shawneetown, Ill.,
where he attended the public schools and the high school until
his senior year. He engaged in business with his father, and
remained there when the family moved to Evansville. In May, 1918,
he entered the service and was sent to Camp Gordon where he was
assigned to Co. F, 28th Infantry. In July he sailed for France
from New York. He was engaged in action on the Meuse River. As
his organization was advancing west of the Meuse, Sergeant
Drucker received a wound from a machine gun bullet, and died
October 10, 1918, in Base Hospital No.18.


Sons of Men: Evansville's War Record,
Compiled by Heiman Blatt,
Published by Abe P. Madison, 1920
October 25, 1998