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Pvt. James T. Foley
Co. B, 347th Machine Gun Battalion, 91st Division
January 4, 1895 - November 10, 1918

   "The foremost among the nations will be that one which by its
conduct, shall gradually engender in the minds of the others a
fixed belief that it is just." This sentiment is by Gladstone,
the outstanding English statesman of the nineteenth century who
fought for liberalism. There is a scant record of the efforts of
James T. Foley to show the world the American belief in justice.
He did not desire an outward show of his bravery, but his fame
will remain in the hearts of posterity, "greater than all the
tombs of ancient kings."

   James T. Foley was born January 4, 1895. He attended Carpenter
Street School, and later became a machinist for the L. & N. Railroad
at Howell. On June 24, 1918, he entered service. At Camp Sherman
he was assigned to Co. C, 336th Infantry, 84th Division.  He
sailed for England September 3, 1918.  From England he went to
France and later to Belgium. At this time he was transferred to
B, 347th Machine Gun Battalion, 91st Division.

   On the afternoon of November 2, 1918, James Foley was in
attack on the enemy at Avdendrode, Belgium. The American heroes
were advancing under heavy shell fire from across the Scheldt River
During a pause in the advance a shell exploded close to Foley.
He suffered a compound fracture of the right leg. He was sent to
the first station at the rear, and then to the Evacuation Hospital
No.5.  In spite of all surgical science could do he died of the
effects of his wounds, November 10, 1918. He was buried four miles
northwest of Roulers, Belgium.

Sons of Men: Evansville's War Record,
Compiled by Heiman Blatt,
Published by Abe P. Madison, 1920
October 25, 1998