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Pvt. Frank Schaeffer
Motor Field Hospital, 36th Sanitary Train, 7th Division
November 9, 1895 - September 28, 1918

   Frank Schaeffer was born November 9, 1895, at Henderson, Ky.
He attended Center Street School and later worked in different
business establishments for about five years.  In 1915 he accepted a
position with the Geissler Shoe Co., where he worked for about three
years.  When war broke out, he volunteered in the medical corps
and left on March 15, 1918, for Fort Oglethorpe, Ga. The following
September he was sent to France. He was in France only three weeks
and died September 28, 1918, of broncho-pneumonia.

   Capt. Robert E. Seibels of Medical Corps Field Hospital No.36,
wrote the following letter to his mother:
   "Dear Mrs. Schaeffer: It was with the greatest regret that I
received yesterday, the notice of your son's death.  Private Schaeffer
had made an excellent record in this organization. He reported for
duty originally in my training company and when I took charge of
this organization he was transferred to it by his request.

   "I took an especial interest in him as I had selected him from a
group of 200 men as a boy of promise. The recommendation for his
promotion to the grade of corporal was sent forward and his illness
and transfer to the hospital alone prevented his receiving this title.
He was taken sick at a time when we were under great pressure of
work in the company office and several of the officers and office men
were confined to their beds. On account of this he refused to give
up and continued to do his work although he was not well.

   "He died for his country as surely as though he had been killed
on the field.

   "His character was excellent, his  services honest and faithful.
This is the highest recommendation that can be given a soldier.

   "You may be proud indeed of your boy and be comforted by the
knowledge that he gave his life for others.  His name is honored in
his old company and his memory will ever be in our hearts."

   His mother said of him: "Frank was liked by everybody and always
had a lot of friends. His death certainly was a shock to everybody.
But I am proud to say he died doing his part for his country."

Sons of Men: Evansville's War Record,
Compiled by Heiman Blatt,
Published by Abe P. Madison, 1920
October 25, 1998