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Lee D. Sly
60th Infantry, 5th Division
October 10, 1893 - September 10, 1918

   Lee D. Sly feared that his wife, who was sickly, would prevent
him from enlisting. At the same time he yearned to do his part in the
war. Not disclosing his intentions, he asked his wife to go to Boonville
to his parents, presumably to help them in canning work. While she
was there, he left for Chicago to enlist in the service. A few days
later, when she returned to Evansville, she found a bundle which contained
his civilian clothes.

   He was born in Spencer County, October 10, 1893.  When his school
days were over he came to Evansville at the age of sixteen, and
began work at the Crescent Stove works. He was ambitious to learn
the trade of the stove mounter.  Later, when he had completed his
period of preparation for his trade, he worked for the Advance Stove
Company until he entered the service. On February 15, 1913, he married
Miss Goldie May.

   He entered the service September 15, 1917.  His first training
station was at Gettysburg, Pa.  Later he was transferred to Camp
Greene, Charlotte, N. C. The date of his sailing for France and the
details of his military career and experiences across the sea, are
unknown.  He was killed in action, September 10, 1918, at the time
when the A. E. F. were preparing for the first phase of the
Meuse-Argonne offensive.

Sons of Men: Evansville's War Record,
Compiled by Heiman Blatt,
Published by Abe P. Madison, 1920
October 25, 1998