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Charles Waddle
United States Army
September 29, 1895 - October 1, 1918

   The life of Charles Waddle indicates that in a symposium of
American ideals, his first choice would have been: "To be of service
to one's fellows."

   He was born September 29, 1895 in Dubois County, Indiana. His
education did not include training in higher institutions, but he was
well informed. When his school days were over, he spent much of his
time doing hospital work.  For ten months he was employed in this
capacity at Woodmere. He married Miss Crabtree, February 5, 1918.

   On September 10, 1918, he entered the service, and was sent to
Camp Grant, Rockford, Ill. Not long after he arrived at this camp,
he contracted the Spanish Influenza. After an illness of about three
weeks he died October 1, 1918. His body was brought to Evansville,
and laid to rest in Locust Hill Cemetery.

Sons of Men: Evansville's War Record,
Compiled by Heiman Blatt,
Published by Abe P. Madison, 1920
October 25, 1998