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Pvt. Donald Williamson
Co. A, 20th Battalion, US Guards, Mexican Border
September 29, 1891 - December 2, 1918

     Before the war there were many who regarded military service
as an unpromising career.  America did not realize that before many
years the best blood of the country would commingle regardless of
intellectual achievement or social prestige.  Donald Williamson
entered military service before the war opened in Europe.  He did not
believe in the life of ease.  He responded to the spirit of the great
American patriot, Roosevelt who said to the nation: "Above all, let
us shrink from no strife, moral or physical, within or without the
nation, provided we are certain the strife is justified."

     Donald Williamson was born in Buffaloville, in Spencer County,
Indiana. September 29, 1891.  He went to Columbia School and attended
the Junior High School.  From the time he was sixteen years of age,
he worked for the Southern Stove Works, as a stove mounter until he
was twenty-one.  During this period he joined the ranks of organized
labor by becoming a member of the union.  While in Evansville he was
also a member of the Central M.E. Church, and Woodmen of the World lodge.

     On December 21, 1913, he left civilian life to join the 14th
Cavalry, Troop M. He was sent to Texas to serve on the Mexican border.
For five years he served at Ft. Sam Houston, El Paso, and San Antonio.
Towards the end of November 1918 he was afflicted with the Spanish
Influenza, which developed into pneumonia.  He died December 2, 1918,
after being sick for six days. His body was brought to Evansville,
and was laid to rest in Oak Hill Cemetery.

Sons of Men: Evansville's War Record,
Compiled by Heiman Blatt,
Published by Abe P. Madison, 1920
p. 190
October 25, 1998