Autograph book of 1894-1900

 Allen County Kansas


Ethel was born 26 August 1882 near Iola and lived in the area her entire life. Her parents were Samuel E. Gantt and Martha Agnes Strickler. Her paternal grandparents settled in Allen County ca 1855 and were probably from New Jersey. Her maternal grandparents came to Allen County ca 1876 from Rockville, Parke County, Indiana. She was an only child. The family owned property in the Deer Creek and Carlyle area. During her girlhood she was given an autograph book where many of her friends and relatives placed their names along with verses appropriate for the era. The book is dated from 1894 through 1901 when all the pages become filled.

Because the book is deteriorating I have scanned the pages and put them into a file. If they are your ancestor I would appreciate it if you would share their parents, siblings and spousal names with me. I'm asking for this because several names listed are family members and I don’t know some of their family history, and others are unknown to me.

I believe this autograph book to be of significance for you because it will place your ancestor at a specific place in time and give you a sample of their handwriting and signature.

Please contact me personally if you would like a copy of the note made by your ancestor.


Lonna Childress Nevil -

These are the names written in the book. As some are difficult to read, please let me know if you are aware that the spelling is wrong. Names in ( ) may either be maiden or married names.

Lillie Ruby Grace Ruby Mary B. Hyde W. E. Carrier
Alfro Rowden F. O. Caldwell Susie Carrier Charles Longshore
Nola Daigh Della Daigh Amiee B. Terry Joanna Geyer (Carrier)
Jessie M. Fisher Lena Delp Frank Anderson Mary Geyer
Addie May Cole Betha Adams Margaret Christian Carrie A. Clark (Birch)
Lumina G. Ruby Anna L. Beeson Miss Myrtle Wilkinson Foster Beeson
George E. Anderson Iva L. Strickler Fred Dunlap Lela Carle
Lucy Jones (Eppley) Charlie Wilbur Martha Carrier Nona Longshore
Bertha Longshore (Wright) Clara Brackenridge (Jordan) Ada Nash (LeMaster) Addie Delp
Sadie Jones (Dunlap) Ida Hoke (Osborn) Bertha Norman (Connolly) Nell Mourer (Strickler)
Floss Wiggens (Anderson) Mattie Carrier Clara Henkley Harvey (Jordan)
Etta (Knapp) Estella Nelson Barton Cozine Emma Kepple (Lindsay)
Blanche Soules Bessie Howard Pearl ?? F. B. Strickler
Berth Williams Aurthur W. Ruby I. S. G. (Ira Gamble) Nina B. Moynihan
Edna E. Skinner Carrol (?) Howard (Mogul ?) Olive S. Sawyer Clara (Longstreth)
David Tabor Grace Jones (Jordan) C. S. Carle Orley Hays
Alice Ryker



**  Lela Carle was about 12 years old when she wrote in this book, and her brother C.S. Carle was about 19 years of age.  Within two years of the writing the brother and sister had moved to Lyon County Kansas.  Lela eventually married Bud Gentner and Clyde (C.S.) married Lulu Anderson.  (This information comes from Colette Pipkin – 6/2001)

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