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McVEIGH, DANIEL – Humboldt Union – September 13, 1867


Died at 7 o’clock, on the evening of the 23d of June.  Aged 47 years, 4 months and 21 days.


Gone to thy rest, sweet be thy sleep.

            As pillowed in the grave you lie.

Those sightless eyes no more shall weep,

            The heart no more shall throb or die.


The countless fears that stung thy soul,

            The countless ills that strewed thy way,

No more shall power of thought control.

            No more their venon’d sting convey.


A soothing calmness o’re me steals

            While sitting by the sleeping dead.

Thee to myself, myself reveals,

            As round thy bier I lightly tread.


His is a school most seek to shun,

            While life and health in glory bloom;

Nor dare to think the work begun,

            That steals them also for the tomb.


Come and behold the smile in death,

            That writhing pain could not efface.

Triumphant signet—glory’s wreath—

            The spirit stamp of love and grace.


Farewell my loved one, fare thee well,

            Await my coming in the skies;

Here for a season must I dwell

            To fight and win the blood-bought prize.



Compiled by Bill and Diana Sowers



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