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Monmouth Review

"John Riggs, one of the early settlers of Roseville township, died of general debility at his residence near lola. Allen County, Kansas, May 11,1883. he was born in Warren County, Kentucky, February 15,1799, and came to Warren County, Illinois, in 1834, and after living for a year east of Monmouth he removed to Roseville township, and settled on the home farm in what is known as the "Kentucky neighborhood," where he resided till 1876 when he sold his farm to his brother Jesse and moved to Kansas, where he purchased lands and settled his sons upon them.

He filled many responsible positions in the county, and always discharged his official duties with that scrupulous fidelity that so distinguished him in all the private walks of life. Before the county was organized under township organization, he was elected county commissioner. When the township organization was adopted, he was elected supervisor from Roseville for many years in succession, and served that township for twelve years as justice of the peace, and a number of times was elected constable and school trustee. John Riggs was one of the best and truest men we ever knew - as true as the needle to the pole, whose word was just as sacred as his bond. Calm, cool, cautious and discriminatiing, his judgment was seldom wrong, and his counsel and advice were safe to follow.

His hospitality partook of that genuine open-hearted frankness that was so marked a trait in the character of the old pioneers who settled on the prairies of Warren county in the years long gone by, when settlements were sparse, and the conveniences and comforts of today were unknown. His home was always open to his friends, and no one in need was ever turned hungry from his hospitable door. His house was the "half-way" stopping place between Monmouth and the south part of the county, and many a belated traveler has found shelter there.

He served the county faithfully with such veteran men, who have gone before him, as John C. Bond, Hiram Norcross, David Turnbull, E. C. Lewis, Robert Gilmore, L M. Gates, on the board of supervisors, and, like them, has left a record that will live years hence. At the age of twenty-one years he joined the Predestinarian Baptist church, and continued a member until he died. Saturday last his remains were brought from lola, and buried in the graveyard at the church near his old residence in Roseville township, beside the remains of his wife, who died a number of years ago. All his children, except two who died in infancy, survive him. He faithfully performed the work alotted him to do, and peacefully rests from his labors." I. N. Vanmeter, Macomb, Ill.

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