Sharon Culver found these pictures in an antique shop in Oregon and rescued them. She could not find any connection to family for them so donated them to this web site as the pictures were all taken in Iola, mostly by "Thompson". The Web Master is currently in possession of the originals.

If anyone has a real interest in these photos and can establish a positive relationship with the people in the photos, then the originals will be forwarded to them at the descretion of the Web Master.

The titles underneath the photos are what is written on the back of the picture as far as can be determined.

E. W. Cantrell E. W. Cantrell
Mr. Cantrell and I in 1885 Dr. Elizabeth Cantrell - Iola, Kans. 37 yrs. Old
Mrs. E. W. Cantrell
L. V. Cantrell Lorraine Cantrell
Also written - Edna May Cantrell
Miss Ermah Winnifred Cantrell Belle Cantrell
Aunt Belle
Mrs. Helfrich(?) and daughter and Effa and ---- Mother had large lump on breast.
Mrs. Heffern(?) near Iola - Kans.
Etta(?) Jackson - Mother
Gas City, Kan.
Unknown - Iola picture in this Iola grouping
Mrs. E. J. Smith - Mother
(nee Turner)
Fritz Ralag(?)
Lillian Hunter
Ralph Breckenridge
Lois Cantrell
Lloyd Jones