Jasper Joshua "Jack" Rhoads
Two years old. Born Oct. 9, 1886 in rural Allen Co. Lived all his life in Humbolt, marrying Birdie Merle Lieurance of the area. Died, Humbolt, in July 18, 1974. Son of George Rhoads & Louise Thurston. His Grandfather, Joshua Rhoads, was an early settler of Iola area and married Elizabeth Cuppet of LaHarpe. Joshua and Elizabeth are buried in the family plot in the old Civil War Cemetary just west of Iola.



St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Humbolt, early 1900's



Believe this to be old concrete bridge behind Monarch Portland Cement Plant in Humboldt.



This is rural Allen County and shows businessmen and one worker for Pilot Oil & Gas Co. taken 11/11/1917.




Possible Rhoad family relatives.