The old bridge over the Neosho River (what Jean calls the Civil War Bridge) in Humboldt.



John Cupput taken in 1908.



These two pictures are of Lehman Rhoads and his wife. The original pictures hung for quite a while in the hallway of the courthouse right at the tag department entrance. They have since been taken down and are stored in the back on a shelf in the Allen County Historical Building.



Earl Rhoads taken about 1987.




Sheridan E. (Whitey) Rhoads

Born 4/10/1918 in Humboldt and died 10/12/1997 in Humboldt. He spent 32 months in India in the Army. He flew relief missions over the "hump" into China. He received a letter of thanks and was awarded the China War Memorial Medal in 1985 (some 40 years later). It was awarded for his humanitarian efforts to the Chinese people by the Ministry of National Defense of the Republic of China. He once owned "Whitey's" Restaurant in Humboldt just after WWII. He worked at the Monarch Cement Plant in Humboldt for 13 years before taking a job with a cement plant in Orange, Texas. After he retired from that plant he returned to the area in 1992 and died in Humboldt a couple of years later.