This information comes from a two-part card. The cards are post card size and thickness and have a hole with a in the upper left hand corner. The cards were probably held together with a rivet, as there is evidence of metal in the hole on the first card. This transcription is as it appears on the cards, spelling and all.

Submitted by Sharon Wilson, Memphis, TN


Christmas Greetings

Laura Fankell

(card includes picture of Ms. Fankell)



Presbyterian Sunday School

LaHarpe Kansas

1901 Christmas 1901

Presented by Mrs. F E. Farmer, Teacher

F. W. Mitchel, Paster


Second Card:

.. Class Roll ..

Ethel Danforth

Minnie Ohlfest

Minnie Curry

Katie Curry

Pearl Nash

Jessie Wilson

Louis Wilson

Mattie Ferris

Edna Augustine

Ida Pearson

Marguret McDonald

Mrs. Brock

Maggie Eckles

Grace Willet