The Geneva Cook Book
Compiled by the Ladies Federated Society
Geneva, Kansas
Debbie Muhl from Iola. I was going through my grandmothers cookbooks the other day and found a cookbook from the ladies of Geneva.  I compiled an index of names from it..  I have put in parentheses how many recipes they have submitted if more than one.  I also added maiden names of the ones I knew. I will lookup the recipes if you will email me at
Katheryn Bergner (4)
Evelyn Boone
Mrs. Matt Bradley, Neosho Falls, Kans (5)
Mrs W.J. Bradley (3)
Emma Call (2)
Mrs. Geo. Call (4)
Mrs Martha Christy (2)
Margaret Coffey
Mrs M L Curtis (3)
Dorothy Delaplain (nee Call) (4)
Mrs Mame Denney (7)
Maude Gates
Mrs J F Gosha (5)
Lola Grimm
Lota Grimm
Minnie Grimm
Frances Grinstead
Mrs J E Grinstead
Eva Howland (2)
Mrs. Alice Inge (3)
Mable Leavitt Inge (3)
Anita Irwin
Dorothy Irwin (4)
Margaret Irwin (2)
Grace Irwin (4)
Dora Jones
Lulu Jones
Aunt Bird Knowlton
Mrs Emma Knowlton
Gertrude Knowlton (4)
Mrs. Della Leavitt (nee Marsh)(4)
May Leavitt (4)
Addie Miller (6)
Lucy Miller (3)
Mrs Morse
Esther Murphey (3)
Clara Mabie (5)
Lana Mabie, Neosho Falls
Laura Mabie, Neosho Falls
Ida Perkins (3)
Tillie Perkins (nee Taylor)
Jennie Irwin Randle
Ruby C Schuster (4)
Clara Sherwood (2)
Mrs Jim Sherwood (2)
Maud Sherwood (5)
Nora Sherwood (2)
Mrs Ernest Simmons
Mrs Harry Smith (4)
Mrs Josie Smith (4)
May Smith (2)
Elva Spicer (nee Perkins) (2)
Clara Tarman (2)
Lulu Tarman (2)
Mary L Tippin (9)
Zella Tippin (5)
Gertrude Troutwine (2)
Jessie Troutwine (5)
Letitia Troutwine (3)
Olive Walk (4)
Lizzie Wilcoxon (2)
Mrs. Calvin Yowell (5)
Lana Yowell (3)
Lottie Yowell (2)