Allen County Kansas
Advertising Items


The following pictures or articles are about advertising in Allen County. Hopefully they will represent some of the history going on during our past in the county. Other items which can be digitally scanned would be welcome. These are always interesting and may help lead someone along their genealogy path. If you know any history of some of these items or companies it would be interesting to post it along with the pictures.


Perham & Son Co.

This is an advertising postcard for Perham & Son Co. in Iola Kansas. The person donating the card did not provide a name.



This is a little more unusual. It is a picture of an advertising token for "J.E.W. in LeHarpe Kansas. It was good for 2 1/2 cents in trade. Picture donated by Carl.


Masonic Penny

This is also a little different. It is a picture of a Masonic Penny Token from the Lodge in Iola. Picture donated by Luke Johnson.


Land Subdivision Triangle

This is probably an advertising handout for a company dealing in land, the Iola Abstract Co. Picture donated by Susan Heywood.



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