Jordan-Gantt Pioneer Cemetery


Carlyle Township, Allen County, Kansas
1857 - 1905

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Cemetery Pictures

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List of individuals interred in Cemetery

1) Infant from passing wagon train - 1857, name unknown.

2) Jordan Infant, child of Robert & Emaline - 9 October 1857

3) Francis (Frank) Jordan, son of Robert & Emaline(Crossett) Jordan.
Born in Havre de Grace, Md., 21 June 1842.  Died 6 February 1863.
Soldier with the Kansas Home Guard during the Civil War.
He is said to have been buried next to his father.

4) Samuel Gantt, Sr. - Born 1813 in Pa. and died 16 September 1872.

5) Robert Bull Jordan, Sr. - Born 24 January 1811 in Mexico, Juniata County, Pa. Died 22 February 1876 in Allen County.

6) Ralph Jordan, son of Samuel & Jennie(Rebecca Jemima Demaree) Jordan
Died 1878/1879.  Samuel Gantt Jordan was a son of Robert B. & Emaline Jordan. He arrived in Allen County, Kansas with his parents as an eight year old.

7) Jordan Infant, child of Samuel & Jennie (Demaree) Jordan.  Died October 1886.

8) Matilda (Crossett) Gantt, wife of Samuel Gantt, Sr. - Born 1819 in Mifflin Co., Pa.
Died 14 December 1891.

9) Emaline (Crossett) Jordan, wife of Robert Bull Jordan. - Born 9 December 1816 in Mifflin Co., Pa.  Died 15 August 1892. -- Matilda & Emaline were sisters, daughters of Robert and Mary Jane (Wilson) Crossett.

10) Lewis Jordan, son of Samuel and second wife Debbie (Deborah Brown) Jordan. Born & died in 1892, a few months old. Deborah Brown was born in Allen County in 1860. She was the daughter of William Martin and Nancy Emily (Hayes) Brown, who settled West of the Neosho river in Allen County in 1856.

11) Wilson Leander Gantt, son of Samuel Sr. and Matilda.  He was 12 years old in 1850.  He was mentioned in Matilda's obit as being buried there, date unknown.  He was not in 1860 U.S. Census.

12) Laura Gantt Hayworth, daughter of Samuel & Matilda Gantt.  Born 1845 - died 13 June 1905.

Location & Description

The cemetery is located in Sec. 6, Carlyle Township, Allen County, Kansas. The location was originally in Deer Creek Township, but this TWP was later Divided. GPS Coordinates are: N 37°58.799' & W 95°21.221'.

The cemetery is NW of the intersection of South Dakota road (running E-W) and the 2000 road (running N-S). From this intersection go 0.24 miles north and stop. There is no intersection or driveway at this location. Then walk about 150 yards, north and west, along the tree line bordering the north end of a cultivated field. The cemetery is in the timber just north of the field and marked with four vertical pipes and a limestone monument inscribed:

Jordan * Gantt
Pioneer Cemetery

The 2000 road is located immediately east of the Iola County Club. South Dakota road is 4 miles north of highway 54. Beyond the 0.24 miles north of the intersection with South Dakota, the 2000 road rises to a ridge, then drops and is not passible beyond this point due to trees obstructing the old road. If you are on top of the ridge you have gone too far. The cemetery can also be accessed by driving north on highway 169 to Oregon street (paved), then east to the 2000 road, then north 2 miles to the South Dakota-2000 intersection.


The Pioneer Cemetery was sited on land owned by Samuel and Matilda Gantt, which they settled on by 1859. Matilda was a sister of Emaline Jordan. Robert B. and Emaline Jordan settled in Kansas with their children just east of Carlyle on May 15, 1857, having traveled overland from Appanoose County, Iowa, where they had lived since 1850. They came to Iowa from Gloucester City, N.J. and before that had lived in Maryland, although both had roots in central Pennsylvania. The R. B. Jordan farm was then established 2 miles east of Carlyle, N.E. corner of intersection, and was maintained by the Jordan family for many years.

The Pioneer Cemetery is located on the "Deer Creek" farm now owned by Mrs. Nancy Flewharty of Iola, who graciously consented to our placing the monument.

The graves in this cemetery were originally marked with thin, uninscribed field stones placed vertically and the location nearly forgotten except by Vernon and Dwight Howard, who took several family members to the cemetery in the 1980's and 1990's, mostly to clear out brush. On one of those visits in 1999, with the brush temporarily subdued, the marker stones were visible, and we counted headstones and footstones for 12 graves. those present at that visit were Vernon and Dwight Howard (Allen Co., Ks), William J. Welch (Tulsa, Ok), and Scott W. Jordan (Albuquerque, Nm), all descendants of Robert B. and Emaline Jordan. At an earlier time in the late 1980's, Vernon Howard showed Gary L. Jordan (Taby, Sweden) the location of the cemetery.

April 11, 2006
Scott Jordan
3500 Avenida Charada NW
Albuquerque, NM 87107

The woman in the pictures is Lonna (Childress) Nevil, gggrandaughter of Samuel & Matilda Gantt.