Hazel maintained a scrapbook from her high school years in Neosho Falls, Kansas from 1928 to 1932.  In it she placed newspaper clippings of marriages and some births of many of her classmates.  Clippings dated from 1930 to 1936 although some on them have no date.  It is assumed that they are about the same time frame.  Hazel also wrote marriage information of classmates and teachers on the pages.

Submitted by
Debbie Muhl

            Page 1 Surnames on this page Byfield, West, Laymon, Holtz, Quick, Lynn, Huskey, Gerdsen, Smelsen, Dickerson, Morse, Denton, Wells, and Wilmoth.

            Page 2 Surnames on this page Laymon, Hamilton, Wolford, Saferite, Martin, Seheline, Stovall, Dutton, Johnson, Meyers, Lee, Smith, Steele, Settlemyer, Releford and Miller.

            Page 3 Surnames on this page Danielson, Dutton, Woodside, Barnett, George, Meffore, Jesseph, Purcell and Johnson.

            Page 4 Surnames on this page Denchfield, Brownrigg, Guthrie, Rankin, Bur?orf, Johnson, Sullivan, Jarvis, Bell, Blohm, Simmons, Dulinsky, Bradley, Lucas, Spohn, Mable, Taylor, Brown, Speece, Rogers and Throop.

            Page 5 Surnames on this page Belaplain, Mable, Irwin, Reiter, Dorsey, Pinkerton, Parks, Purcell, Kannarr, Brunke, Bruner, Throop, Phelan, Wright, Shaw, Holtz, Allen, Bull, Tidd, Savidge, Woods, Scott and Gibson.

            Page 6 Surnames on this page Shewell, Coblentz, Releford, Driskill, Whellock, Cutrell, Mundt, Taylor, Bremer, Good, Rogers, Dulinsky, George, Compton, Burton and Parsons.

            Page 7 Surnames on this page Driskill, Wheelock, Savidge, Tidd, Andrews, Saferite, Dulinsky, Simmons, Gibson and Faidley.

            Page 8 Surnames on this page McGee, Meats, Delaplain, Perkins, Rodgers, Speece, Bell, Blohm, Taylor, Mabie, Wright, Shaw, Pinkerton, Parks, Sallee, Town, Lucas, Bradley, Denchfield, Brown, Dorsey, Throop, Phelan, Brunke and Bruner.

            Wesley Hospital Graduate Nurses - This picture shows nurses graduating from Wesley Hospital in Wichita. It is believed that at least one or more of them were from the Iola area. Date unknown.

There was also pictures of 3 of her teachers from her freshman and sophomore years and a picture of the 1928 class with names.

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